Are we karmically destined to meet? Are we made for each other?

Do we complete each other?

Look at the aspects of the Sun of either of you with the a planet of your partner.

If there are aspects present, then it means you’re together, because your paths were meant to cross, and your missions in life have a certain interrelationship - be it harmonious or strained. What’s interesting here is that if there’s a trine as an aspect, that means you’re experiencing some kind of mystical harmony - and if there are sextiles, then countless opportunities will present themselves for you to live out your relationship in a wonderful and successful way. But if there is a hard aspect - conjunction, opposition, square - you simply just can’t block this person out. You are connected, and will constantly be crossing paths, whether you want it to or not. Such is the verdict of the stars: you have a common goal to work towards, a shared path you must go on together. Best to arm yourself with the essentials, and jump head first - as the old song, “What will be, will be!”

2018: The retrograde Venus, Mars and Relationships

2018 brings with it not just three periods of retrograde Mercury, but one of Venus and Mars respectively. As we all know, Venus rules all those qualities we think of as key: erotic love, what men find attractive in women, and the feminine nature of women. These spheres in our lives will be up for reevaluation, with a return to dynamics, people and events of our past - only to part ways with them for good. Mars, on the other hand, is responsible for how we stand up to the world, how we fight, our energy, creative spirit and sex. It’s here we’ll feel a kind of backtracking - a delay, a reversion, will be easily irritated, if not showing a childish stubbornness towards that which is objectively unavoidable. Mars symbolizes the male spirit: its presence in a female horoscope reflects what kind of a woman a man likes, while in the male horoscope, it shows how a man conducts himself in the presence of a woman.

Attraction in Astrology

“What type of a woman he is attracted to?,” you may be asking? Astrology has a precise answer. 

Attraction in Astrology is determined very much by the heavenly bodies and their signs in our charts. There are two planets that symbolize what a man likes in a woman: Venus and the Moon. 

​Love horoscope or How Important is it for Him to be Perfect

Every woman has this image in her mind of the ideal man for her, and she’ll spend her whole life looking for him. In her love horoscope Astrology agrees: she does in fact have an image in her mind. Here we’ll attempt to paint a picture of what that man is by looking at Mars in the different signs in female charts.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not, or How to Ask the Stars the Right Questions

Sigmund Freud once said, “We choose not randomly each other. We meet only those who already exists in our subconscious.”

Tables with the sign of Mars from 1930 to 2025 (Eastern Time – ET)

Feb 6, 1930 1:21 PM Mars enters Aquarius
Mar 17, 1930 12:55 AM Mars enters Pisces

Tables with the signs of Venus from 1930 to 2020 (EST)

Jan 23, 1930 7:22 PM Venus enters Aquarius
Feb 16, 1930 5:11 PM Venus enters Pisces

Karma in the horoscope

Karma in the horoscope

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