Uranus in Taurus – Which spheres of our lives will be affected by the upcoming revolutions, by Sun Sign

Until November 6th 2018, we’ll watch a trailer of the coming show. After March 6th 2019, brace for the blockbuster - a bumpy journey with surprises and U-turns scattered all along the way till 2026

Uranus in Taurus:
May 15th 2018 – November 6th 2018; 
March 6th 2019 – July 7th 2025, and November 7th 2025 – April 25th 2026.
Each astrological sign (Sun Sign) and Ascendant point to the most probable areas of changes for you in the coming 7-year period. 

Uranus - History, Myth, Symbols and Influence; What’s in store for us with Uranus in Taurus until 2026

In order to grasp the astrological significance of Uranus, we need to acquaint ourselves with the myth of Uranus and with the archetype symbolised by this planet in astrology.  Uranus literally means sky, heavens, from the Greek Οὐρανός. Born from Chaos, he is the Father of all in existence. He is the son and also the husband of the Earth goddess Gaea. In one version of the myth, she conceived him by herself and gave birth to him. Gaea and Uranus are the protogenists of the gods of Ancient Greece. The Titans are their sons. They also birthed Saturn or Chronos (Time) who was the youngest Titan but also the leader of them all. Chronos was the one who took to heart his mother’s command to get their father Uranus killed. Then he castrated his father’s body and hurled his testicles in the sea. The sea waves merged with the blood of Uranus’ genitals and thus was Aphrodite/Venus born. Uranus caused his own violent death by keeping his children in Tartarus or Hell – in the Earth’s (Gaea’s) womb.  Gaea wanted him dead because he was a tyrant who tormented her and their children.

March 2019 - Mercury Retrograde in Pisces – Key Points to Keep in Mind

And now on the specificities of Mercury retrograde in Pisces – it will lose its intrinsic astuteness, its grasp of fine detail and drive for efficiency. Instead, its attention will re-focus on the overall picture, on its ambience, and even on what lies hidden behind it. Nevertheless, flexibility and multitasking will still be its strong points, as long as they’re more introspectively oriented.
The rule-of-thumb precautions for any Mercury Rx should be applied now – do not buy any brand new items. If you must get something, opt for second-hands or heavy discounts. Do not sign any contracts; scrutinize the details, the small print, the reference notes. Do not share your private plans light-heartedly – listen to what others have to say. Ask questions. Now is the time when we may learn many secrets and unveil others’ deeply buried desires.

Full Moon in Leo - total lunar eclipse in relationships and love

On 21.01.2019 we are expecting a total lunar eclipse in Leo. The moon will be 1 ° Leo , and the Sun will be in Aquarius. Full moons are the time of fulfilling, finishing, ending, fertility, relationships, and emotions. 

Love calculator – the desired scale for love

The calculator for personal forecasts for love, sex and marriage – Astrobooth.com

Could we measure our feelings, is there a radar to “locate” them? Or they are materialized only in hormones and aura?  Why do we say The big Love or Brief love? How do we measure love parameters? 

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius – bursts of frankness without tact, grandiose promises, and fierce arguments

Both Mercury and Jupiter, the rulers of Sagittarius, are not known for their tactfulness. Just the opposite – they always speak what’s on their mind. Yes, for the Sagittarius ruler – Jupiter – this could be out of wise and philosophical principles, while for Mercury this comes in the form of epiphanies, intelligent remarks and banter, but this is always be part-and-parcel with lack of consideration for how other will feel or with a disregard for whether someone’s dignity might be harmed. The truth is, these zodiacal signs aren’t striving to cause harm, they just possess a standard for frankess that’s much less sensitive than for the rest of us. Often they can stomach those same kinds of comments without any sense of insult. In the grand scheme of their optimism, generosity and open-mindedness, Sagittarius would never feel bogged down by such little stuff.

Venus Retrograde 2018 – low speed harmony

Venus is retrograde approximately every 18 months. The retrograde periods are about 42-43 days. It only appears to be moving backwards due to the difference in the planet’s speed versus the earth. 

Venus rules love, beauty, our values and what brings us aesthetic delight, along with fine art, fashion, social grace, acceptable behavior, good manners and social rules. Venus also rules what we value and like about ourselves, and what other like most about us. This also goes for seduction, flirtation, pleasure, indulgence and different types of leisure: music, aesthetics, money, and everything else we find delightful!

These are the spheres of life we will have to re-evaluate, as we’ll have to accept new measures for.

Mars is now retrograde in Capricorn after being in Aquarius since June 26th

2018 has several retrograde periods: three of Mercury, one of Mars and one of Venus. (See other Astrobooth articles in the Blog). They make it a complicated period for beginnings and better suited for re-vision, re-peating and re-fining of projects already initiated, including relationships and ideas. Make sure to read the article “Retrograde Mars and Compatibility in Horoscopes“ on the Astrobooth Blog for further detail.

Retrograde Mars and Compatibility in Horoscopes

Mars will be retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn between June 26th and August 27th, 2018, which will affect the intensity of all relationships, sex and our general horoscope compatibility.

Mars is retrograde a total 51 to 58 days every second year and that’s also when we feel its effect most potently on our lives. It’s not that Mars moves slower, but because the other planets move with a different speed, it makes it seem regressive.

Astrologically, this all matters in a couple of spheres: the first being all activities, meaning the energy of the project, our momentum, its success, etc. Because Mars’ trait isn’t receptiveness or sensitivity, be it towards others or the situation, he is mainly responsible for the power and the strength, with his backwards-movement only underlying the fact that our actions need but miss fuel and energy.


The Alchemy of Relationships

We rarely tend to think about what it means to be the alchemist and when we become him. We become one when we feel we need to change direction - when we are able to fuse the different elements to create what is known as “alchemy gold”. These moments in life only occur when we are faced with struggle, when we can’t seem to find the answers we need to the questions we have; that’s when we find ourselves going to a therapist, or an astrologist, when we look for guidance and a new way of approaching thing - forging a new path for ourselves.

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