About Astrobooth

Astrobooth is a website and app, which provides the answers to all the questions you have about your interpersonal relationships. We all find ourselves wondering about the dynamics we have with the people in our lives, and it can often be hard to categorize and understand those dynamics. That's because in life, like in astrology, our relationships are often complicated, nuanced and laced with varying aspects all at play. In astrology, those same 'aspects', as they're called, describe the physical angles between the planets, as well as their symbolic significance. Astrobooth platform allows you to create a personal forecast for you and your partner according to the ten most relevant characteristics. Here, you find out what aspects are important, along with the how and why. This need not limit itself to just matters of love, as you can also inquire about work relationships, platonic dynamics, and all others possible combinations in life's rich pallette. With the online app as an extension to the website, you can use the platform any time, at your convenience.

Astrolab Ltd. aims to provide all Astrobooth users access to professional analyses, and the ultimate gift of self-awareness, success and, let's not forget, fun.

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