The Newest New Year!

There’s no escaping it - it began even as early as 2020! On December 21, we saw the Grand Mutation or the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 0˚ Aquarius, and thus welcomed in the Age of Aquarius. This is quite a significant shift from times past in a number of different ways.
But everything in due order – first and foremost, astrology recognizes this transition with several other aspects and dates. One is the real festive beginning of the Age of Aquarius on February 11, when China will celebrate its Chinese New Year, and we will celebrate our new moon in Aquarius - or the beginnings of the cycle ruled by this sign.

Before that, however, we will still find it a struggle to come undone from 2020’s vicegrip, and the ongoing COVID crisis. This pandemic is ruled in the heavens by Pluto and is "spread" by the beneficent Jupiter, which multiplies everything it touches, having seen three conjunctions with Pluto in 2020 (April 5, June 30 and November 12). Now, in 2021, on January 12, there will finally be enough distance between that sphere of influence and us, although we have no other reasons (except the five vaccines) to believe that the pandemic will recede, the planets luckily also point to that favor – that this crisis is finally weakening! However, with that we also loose whatever semblance of financial stability we may have had up until now, meaning we ourselves will have to help each other and find ways to rebuild the affected economies. How? With innovations, new approaches and embracing the "new" or the "next" normal.
2021 has three main themes to keep in mind:


After a storm, the world is clean and at peace

The Age of Aquarius is dawning: we will become more human, more technological and advanced, we will have to break with old orders, habits, views; we will value friendships and humanity first; we will be quite uncompromising towards obsolescence and we will be very tolerant and curious about everything smart and new; we will enter and organize in groups and societies based on ethical norms and shared views.
Whether we keep working more from home, whether we change our professions, which industries die and which prosper, how we save the planet through innovation, and how we show humanity and support for each other without institutional intermediaries - these are just some of the questions which the unknown of 2021 will give us clarity on, like lightning on a clear sky! Answers that will illuminate the darkness before us so brightly that we will no longer ask ourselves the question of "which is the door and which is the exit" (Osho, the Guidance card). We will also go through a filtering of our friendships and our circles of support - something we seem to have done in 2020, when we realized who our real loved ones are (and without whom we would not have made it through this this pandemic)! We will build a "shield" of vaccinated people who, in their own way and with their own immunity, will protect others from the COVID pandemic, and will also ease the burden of all the medical staff fighting so hard.

This means that together with the stellium in Aquarius of the planets in January-February, it is the people with a Sun, Ascendant or personal planet in this very sign who will pave the path toward change and lead us forward.


Let the young lead!

Uranus and Saturn enter into a dispute: the struggle of the Old versus the New enters the decisive stage of eliminations (February 17, June 14 and Christmas 2021). All year round this very clash in will pass through us in these three cycles!

Saturn is structure, order, time, common sense, the rules of the game, and the sweet reward after a day’s hard work. Uranus on the other hand is the inventor, the absent-minded professor, the genius that comes and goes, the storm that brings new clarity, peace and tranquility - until the coming revolution changes everything again. Uranus is young in spirit; brave, uncompromising and disrespectful of authority, but at the same time values his friends and the public interest in the first place.

These two universes will come into conflict on each level, but mostly on the levels ruled by Saturn, because they will have to change. Here the new will always win, maybe not a hundred percent, but at least a significant fifty. There is another nuance to be had here: the former ruler of Aquarius is the planet of Saturn. This means that it is on the shoulders of his order and structures that the new will blossom, and the young will take stride.

Hospitals, prisons, cemeteries and monasteries will change their structure, no matter how scary it sounds to us now. The way we are governed and the way we govern the world will also change. Just as it was difficult to say how the pandemic would change us, so it is difficult to predict what its end will bring.


We shall rely on Gemini and Sagittarius for change

The current eclipses are already on the axis Gemini – Sagittarius, and all the themes relating to them will be in focus during the year: we will change our value systems and beliefs, as well as the way we promote and communicate these. We already know that our travel and training will be radically changed, but we expect solutions and approaches to emerge around this time to establish these new parameters. This is particularly true when it comes to overseas and long-distance travel, as well as higher education. Trade and communication will also be in focus and will change significantly.

We shall focus our attention on the following event dates:

Total Lunar eclipse on May 26 at 5˚ Sagittarius.
Solar eclipse on June 10, 19˚ Gemini
Partial Lunar eclipse on November 19 at 27˚ Taurus
A total Solar eclipse on December 3 at 12˚ Sagittarius

For those whose birthday falls close to these dates, the whole year ahead will be "illuminated" by the theme of the eclipse. This will depend on which home on your natal chart this phenomenon ends up being in. Follow Astrobooth for directions and forecasts.

Expect a forecast for positive developments in 2021 for each zodiac sign in the Astrobooth blog, as well as for the periods regarding Mercury Retrograde.

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The Newest New Year!

What does 2021 has in store for us? What are the main influences and what to expect? When will the covid crisis end?

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But the fire is so delightful
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