Astrobooth interview with Paulin Gerosa: Astrology and Coronavirus

Dear Pauline,
Astrobooth claims that is a navigator, actually in relationships, but Astrology is a life navigator! Don’t you think we ask the stars about our life path when we face difficulties. Now the undisputable crisis is the corona virus pandemic development across the whole world.
In this interview I would like to ask you to outline the key parameters, images, developments and results of this situation.
What are the key planetary aspects and the involved planets and astrological elements involved that will “tell us the story” of human-kind and of the individual in this collision, lesson, transformation and new structure may be?
MARCH 2020:
There are several astrological elements involved in this pivotal point in the evolution of human consciousness. The planets are always prompting us to expand and raise our level of awareness. But as they have granted us Free Will, they leave it up to us to choose whether to do so or not! As much as they hope that we will learn from past experience and act in ways that can improve our current situation, they are fully aware we might just carry on repeating the mistakes made by our ancestors.
It is the Free Will factor which makes it so difficult for any predictions to be totally accurate. Astrologers and Oracle Readers are looking at POTENTIAL futures and they can only offer advice on the POTENTIAL outcomes, which are determined by the choices people make.
The Key planetary energies involved are:
1. A VERY POWERFUL STELLIUM IN CAPRICORN involving JUPITER, SATURN, PLUTO & THE SOUTH NODE, which is occurring for the first time since the year AD 549. This was a period following the outbreak of the Justinian Plague, which is thought to have originated in China and which spread across Asia and Europe, remaining active for at least 100 years.
2. NEPTUNE IN PISCES – this placement also echoes the outbreak of the Justinian Plague, as Neptune was in Pisces 538-552 AD 
What are these planetary cycles trying to teach us? I believe the Capricorn stellium is suggesting that we look back (SOUTH NODE) to the past (SATURN) to see what can be learned (JUPITER) from the underlying origins (PLUTO) of plague viruses and the ways in which they propagate themselves. But rather than using Pluto’s energies in a negative way (eg by obsessing about conspiracy theories) we should be employing them constructively – by researching into the primal behavior patterns of viral organisms so we can gain vital knowledge about how to protect ourselves from them and develop immunity against them. 
This is actually an opportunity (JUPITER) to gain experience (SATURN) which can be handed on to future generations (SOUTH NODE) in how to cope with the challenge (PLUTO) of dealing with pandemics. 
What we have seen so far is a sad lack of timely and responsible action from our world leaders & other authority figures. This, to my mind, is what the Capricorn Stellium is really all about. If people crave wealth, power and social status they must also assume the accountability that goes with their position. They can’t keep taking credit (and huge pay cheques!) when things go right, then bury their heads in the sand when things go wrong. SATURN, PLUTO & SOUTH NODE in CAPRICORN represent the karma of misused authority, exploitation and abuse of power. JUPITER comes along to offer opportunities for those karmic debts to be repaid. 
Regarding Planet NEPTUNE, the last time it was passing through the sign of PISCES was 1847-1862, which is when the oil industry started to take shape. Our rather idealistic and irresponsible reliance on this fossil fuel has resulted in oceans contaminated by oil spillage & plastic waste and air that is so polluted we can barely breathe it.  
While our dependency on oil can't take all the blame for the spread of Corona/Covid 19, it could be seen as a major contributor. Our respiratory systems are already struggling due to poor air quality. Petroleum based fertilisers & pesticides have infiltrated our food chain and contaminated our drinking water. Increased levels of greenhouse gases could well be making it easier for viral infections to spread and mutate. I believe that Neptune has returned to tell us that it's time to admit we must cure our addiction to substances that are ruining our ability to sustain a viable habitat for ourselves here on Planet Earth. 
NEPTUNE IN PISCES may also be suggesting that it’s time to worry less about our bank balances and more about each other. The pointless hoarding of silly sums of money might provide us with a false sense of security but it prevents us from behaving with true charity, kindness and compassion towards our fellow humans.
Astrobooth: What are the key periods and dates in this event’s unfoldment and our best scenario behavior? What are we going to sacrifice and for what reason? What are the key drives of this situation? Shall we expect some other restrictions, measures, difficulties to be imposed on the people?
I think we can expect this event to unfold for some time into the future, as its actual purpose is to evolve us. It seems to be working in conjunction with other global situations such as environmental sustainability, climate change, unusual weather patterns, implementation of artificial intelligence, break down & dissolution of current political, industrial and economic structures. 
The best way to behave is to make your life less about stuff and more about the enjoyment of simple, natural pleasures. Appreciate what you have in the here and now, stop living to impress others and in anticipation of a future that never arrives. Cut back on unnecessary expenses, expect your earnings to meet your need rather than your greed. It’s likely that physical travel will be restricted – whether because of the virus or concerns about pollution. But you can still travel mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You’ll still be able to read, learn, listen, discuss, think and meditate.
Give what you can when you can. Get involved with team, group & kindred spirit community projects – especially those that protect the natural environment. Stop Scaremongering and start Caremongering!
Astrobooth: When do you forecast will be the end and what outcome shall we expect?
Best case scenario, I anticipate a better understanding of the virus, its behavior and patterns during the GEMINI SEASON (hopefully June 2020). By then SATURN will have made its first move into AQUARIUS, and the South Node has moved into SAGITTARIUS. It’s possible that technology, computer modelling and a wiser study of historical epidemics may help this process. But I don’t think we can afford to be too starry-eyed about imminent cures. There are TWO ANNULAR ECLIPSES in June (lunar in Sagittarius & solar in Cancer) which suggest there is much still to be discovered and assimilated about this experience.
Worst case scenario – the virus randomly mutates into a more virulent form. I don’t think we can discount this possibility due to the current position of unpredictable URANUS IN TAURUS. If this does happen, it’s doubtful that our resources (human and material) can be sustained. Uranus in Taurus may also create other wildcard factors such as disruptive ecological events and of course financial upheaval.
Astrobooth: Is corona virus artificially created or natural phenomena?
I understand that this particular strain of the virus originates from a research laboratory in Wuhun, from studies and/or experiments carried out on bats. It is an example of zoonosis - when viral diseases migrate from one species to another (plant to animal, animal to human) and it tends to cause major problems due to lack of natural immunity.
Perhaps the significance of this is forcing us to question the way in which we exploit animals for our own selfish purposes. Maybe URANUS IN TAURUS is saying “if you keep on abusing Mother Nature’s creations she will turn the tables on you!”. Maybe NEPTUNE IN PISCES is asking us how we can bear to be so cruel and lacking in empathy towards our fellow Earthlings.  Maybe THE CAPRICORN STELLIUM is warning us that we are storing up very significant supplies of negative karma by abusing animals and disrespecting their rights.
CHIRON the wounded healer, which is currently in ARIES is playing a key role in highlighting the importance of SELF-HEALING in this situation. The last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968 to 1976, which is when youth peace movements formed to protest against war, repression, inequality and discrimination. During this period there was a flowering of self-help therapies which proposed that it is up to you to keep yourself in a constant state of homeostasis, health and wellbeing. Some of these theories could be very helpful in the fight against viral infection as, in the absence of sufficient medical resources, many of us are going to have to take care of ourselves health-wise. 
Astrobooth: Countries have sun signs – do we see now in the way they behave and the measures and people’s spirit they show?
This is not my area of expertise, as it’s always very difficult to be precise about when a country was born due to differing opinions, so I prefer not to answer this question.
Astrobooth: Are nations back on the rise and where is European Union in this?
Again, I feel we can expect best and worst case scenarios, depending on how much the virus will change our expectations and modify our behavior. 
Best case: we realise that we are all in the same boat and that our carefully constructed boundaries of age, gender, race, nationality, politics are all illusional. They cannot protect us from unseen energies such as viral infections and toxic fumes. This is what NEPTUNE IN PISCES is telling us. The European Union is an ideal vision of how people from many different cultures, customs, languages and values can get along together if they have compassion and are empathetic towards one another’s beliefs. Hopefully the EU will put huge effort into protecting the welfare of their member states against greedy global corporations and their attempts to evade tax and robotize workforces. Hopefully the EU will commit to creating a green economy which offers high quality employment opportunities as well as sustainable living standards. I feel this would be one of the best possible manifestations of URANUS IN TAURUS. 
Worst case: URANUS IN TAURUS replays the disruptive energies we last saw in 1930’s Europe with nationalistic, racist individuals sowing seeds of discord & discontent among their populations, giving birth to populism and primitive forms of patriotism. I can’t see this option going anywhere good, or serving anyone other than those whose hidden agenda is to reduce redundant populations and replace them with a technological elite served by artificial intelligence. We must be wary of this outcome as SATURN, JUPITER AND THEN PLUTO MOVE INTO AQUARIUS.
Astrobooth: Are we going to have a completely new picture at the end of the crisis? What will it be?
I refer you to what I have already said about predicting potential futures. Let us all hope for the best and commit to making it manifest in our own lives.
Astrobooth: What is your recommendation for our Astrobooth readers?
I would like to deeply thank you for the insight and the answers you gave us,

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Expect the interview to continue.


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Astrobooth interview with Paulin Gerosa: Astrology and Coronavirus

MARCH 2020:

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