Retrograde planets 2020 - Astrobooth Calendar

We always look for answers in Astrology when we are at a crossroad or seeking path, or simply having difficulty taking a decision. This anncient knowledge that has proven its value till now is ireplaceble when looking for our best friend's advice; for who is our best friend if not our subconcious of an astrology reader:)

Retrograde Planets in 2020 - Astrobooth Calendar

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Retrograde planets 2020 - Astrobooth Calendar

Dear Astrobooth readers,

As a gift for 8th of March we present to you our 2020 Retrograde Planets Calendar. Knowledge is power and for you, astrology lovers it is a navigation tool too.



Pauline Gerosa's interview for Astrobooth

First of all, I would like to express my deep thankfulness that you accepted the kind request from me and Astrobooth to make this interview. Then, I shall tell our subscribers and readers about my respect for your astrological and counselling style, so different from the Bulgarian one – you go deep into soul dimensions and practically and profoundly guide the client towards his/her soul realms, searches, life path, desires and hopes. It is very rare to have just in single session such navigation, advise, revelation and kind understanding. Your empathy and spiritual approach make this experience exceptional and rich!

What kind of people do we choose to live with or There are no coincidental encounters (according to astrology too)

If you want to live well with someone, always look at the signs, houses and aspects of the Moon in both horoscopes. If you have a forecast in Astrobooth, carefully consider whether you have aspects with your Moon or the Moon of the person you are interested in. 

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