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Dear Pauline,
First of all, I would like to express my deep thankfulness that you accepted the kind request from me and Astrobooth to make this interview. Then, I shall tell our subscribers and readers about my respect for your astrological and counselling style, so different from the Bulgarian one – you go deep into soul dimensions and practically and profoundly guide the client towards his/her soul realms, searches, life path, desires and hopes. It is very rare to have just in single session such navigation, advise, revelation and kind understanding. Your empathy and spiritual approach make this experience exceptional and rich!

Dear Jossifa, thank you very much indeed for your kind words! I really appreciate them as they confirm that my way of working with astrology is how I would wish it to be.
How did you get there, what was your path towards astrological consultations?
Even as a tiny child I was aware of the spiritual realms. They often seemed more real than the physical world, which I found rather dark and cruel. This could be because I have a fixed square of Sun in Scorpio & Pluto in Leo - made even more intense by mutual reception - in my birth chart. I grew up in the harsh environment of the Arabian Gulf as the oil industry was developing and I witnessed a lot of pain, suffering and power abuse. I also saw the early stages of how the planet was to be exploited and polluted. I was always gazing at the sky and asking WHY?
I was born with Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter in the 12th house, which suggests that exploring religious and spiritual faith was going to be a major theme in my life. Until just before age 9 I lived in a strict Muslim country. Then I was sent quite suddenly to a strict Catholic boarding school in the UK. The family of my first live-in boyfriend were practising Jews. He and I travelled to Israel and we were contemplating marriage. But then I met my husband, and we went together to work in Madrid. Here I was introduced to an American astrologer and she is the one who opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world.
In the mid 1980s I was struggling to cope with life. Inspired by my American friend I looked to astrology for support. I enrolled on an introductory course with the Faculty of Astrological Studies. I felt like I was remembering something rather than learning new stuff! I achieved my Certificate quite easily and decided to continue studying part time for a further five years until I gained my Diploma in 1992.
As I still felt I needed more experience in client contact protocols I trained in various forms of complementary therapy including aromatherapy, holistic massage and reflexology. This helped me to develop observational skills, as well as a more empathetic approach.
How do you see the need in a person to have horoscope session – natal or year ahead, or for a certain topic, sphere of life, developing in the years?
As my energy is responsive (Taurus rising ruled by 6th house Venus in Virgo, Sun in Scorpio in 7th house, Moon in Pisces in 12th house) I tend to wait for people to tell me what they want. Each client is different and I try to provide what seems to me to suit their needs best. I prefer to feel they can contact me if and when they wish to. This is not really a good business plan! But it feels authentic to me. However, I'm working on expanding my social media profile, so I can give more general information and observations which might be helpful.
Is it a common thing asking about relationship and is synastry a working method for you?
Yes, relationship issues are a very common theme among my clients. I do work with synastry and chart comparison as well as combination/composite charts. I prefer to use the Davidson relationship method because it gives an actual horoscope to work with, based on the midpoints between two dates, places and times of birth.
But I cannot stress too strongly that, unless the person works on the relationship they have with their Self in order to create genuine and unconditional love, respect and acceptance for their Inner Child (5th house), they will continue to experience problems within their relationships with other people.

Do you think the short forecasts of Astrobooth are giving useful navigation in a relationship?

Yes, I think astrology is a very useful tool in helping people to understand their relationships with others. It shows areas of compatibility as well as possible friction points. I believe astrological character analysis can make both partners more self-aware, as well as more compassionate and tolerant towards one another. It can also warn of negative character traits such as dishonesty or disloyalty in a potential partner that would best be avoided. When a partner is behaving strangely then an astrological forecast can help to explain why, based on current planetary influences. Overall, astrology offers guidance and perspective if a relationship is going through rocky times.
One “hot” topic – would you recommend to a client to celebrate birthday at a certain location in order to “change” his/her Solar return for the year ahead – does it work according to you?
It could do. But I’m against people deliberately setting themselves up for a good solar return! I prefer that they are guided by cosmic consciousness to be in the right place at the right time for the right reason – even if that reason is not immediately clear to them. I do believe that we cannot deny our destiny. Why would we, if we’ve taken so much trouble to create one in the first place? I find that the planets usually manage to put a person in the place that will give them the solar return chart they need to work with over the coming year!
What is your strongest proof that astrology “works” for us?
I don’t ask for any proof from astrology. For me it’s a philosophy, a way of life, a way of seeing the world. But I often laugh out loud at the synchronicity between planetary placements and patterns and the events that they seem to manifest. Just look at what’s happening to world politics & social systems under this Pluto, Saturn, South Node conjunction in Capricorn! Then there’s Uranus in Taurus: global warming events, Climate Change Activists, Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg (who is from the Uranus/Neptune in Aquarius generation)!
What is the astrological theme you are absorbed with right now? Would you share with the readers of Astrobooth one or two major influences in 2020?
Mainly world events because of the intensity of the energy around us at present. We’re on a Uranus return and Pluto opposition to the period leading up to World War II. We’re experiencing the first Pluto, Saturn, South Node conjunction since the AD 500s. In 2020 this line-up will be reinforced by Jupiter and Mars, squared by Eris in Aries. While I truly believe we are living through an important phase of an evolutionary process I think we should all be preparing ourselves for a tough time in human history. We can ask the planets for protection (especially around New and Full Moons and eclipses and we should be collaborating closely with Cosmic Consciousness with the very clear intention to channel Light and Love.


Short biography:

I have been working as a professional consultant astrologer since 1992 when I received my Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies. I live in a small town in the south-east of UK called Faversham but I am often at the family business base, which is in west London. I am a committed EU citizen and I'm doing everything I can to Stop Brexit! I have been married to my Italian husband since 1976 and we visit La bella Italia whenever possible. We have a wonderful daughter and she & her partner gave us a gorgeous granddaughter in 2017. Although I am a water sign (Scorpio) - I seem to surround myself with fire signs. My husband is Leo, while my mother (who is still very active at age 94), daughter and granddaughter are all Aries!! 

I am very lucky to work with clients from all over the world. Occasionally I see people face to face but usually we link up online, by Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime. Most of my clients are in the 30-45 age group and I'm so impressed by how self-aware they are. They seem to be fascinated by astrology and astonished by how much their birth charts can tell them about themselves. 


Pauline Gerosa DFAstrolS
Diploma Graduate Faculty of Astrological Studies 1992
PHONE: 07951 168857
SKYPE: birthchart.reading
TWITTER: Birthchart Reading @astro_oracle
FACEBOOK: Astro Oracle



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