What kind of people do we choose to live with or There are no coincidental encounters (according to astrology too)

If you want to live well with someone, always look at the signs, houses and aspects of the Moon in both horoscopes. If you have a forecast in Astrobooth, carefully consider whether you have aspects with your Moon or the Moon of the person you are interested in. These aspects tell you  if you can stay together for a long time or at close distance - at home. Or, if you have trines, sextiles or even conjunctions between the Moon of one of you and the Moon and Venus, Mercury, Sun, Mars, of the other, then the general climate is good and the spells are optimistic. It also means that you get along if you are friends, colleagues, siblings, parents and children or boss-and-subordinate! Bingo, we have harmonies and easy communication in which we understand, treat well and even love each other.

However, if the aspects are challenging: opposition, square or even conjunction sometimes, but not only between these planets but with Saturn, Pluto, Uranus or Neptune, then you will have constant challenges, that you will need to overcome with many other beneficial aspects.

Read your forecasts in Astrobooth and always watch the Moon and her friends and foes, because these represent your harmonious and challenging life relationships.

Let's look at some famous couples and their Moons, Suns and personal planets what they say about the daily closeness they need to build:

Megan and Harry
Harry's Moon is in trine with Megan's Venus (and in opposition to her Uranus), as well as Megan's Moon is in sextile with Harry's Uranus. These tell us that they will have a pretty cloudless existence, in which surprises and sense of humor will always be to their service, especially to Harry. He always fascinates Megan, who predisposes him and makes him feel secure and loved.
(Megan and Harry have other beneficial as well as some challenging aspects that are not covered by this article).

See your aspects with the Moon and Venus, Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in the various Astrobooth forecasts!

Brigitte and Emmanuel
The Moon of Emmanuel is in conjunction with her Mars and Jupiter! And her Moon, Sun and Venus are in the trine with Emmanuel's Venus and Neptune, which defines the great attraction and the spell she cats as a woman on him and the unbreakable bond emphasized by the harmonious aspects between these five planets. There is no aspect between the Moons, but with so many connected personal planets and luminaries in harmonious aspects, we can guess the strength of the connection - intuitive, beautiful, with a lot of attraction. The aspects of the Moon and Pluto between the two also contribute to the depth - which, though they are opposition and square, contribute to the power of passion and the shared secrets.


Learn your main aspects according to the type of relationship that excites you in the site and app Astrobboth! You can choose from nine types of relationships, read an interpretation of the most important aspects that determine your relationship, and see what impact each of them has.


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