One fine May – with Venus in dignity in Taurus, Mars in Cancer and Full Moon in Scorpio

On May 15th, Venus enters Taurus and there she is in her kingdom

Venus in Taurus naturally is very sensuous, content and with a sense of possession. We will be attracted by the expensive, beautiful, pleasant to the touch objects, that bring sensation and are perceived with the five senses. We will also attract beautiful, socially adequate and pleasant people; love and romance will be on the rise.
The desire to have them can turn into greed, overindulgence or possessiveness, which are also the shadows of Venus in Taurus. What is solid, practical and material will be a cult for us in this period and an object of desire.
For those born with Sun in Taurus, this period from May 15th to June 8th brings special attraction, love charm and romantic interest. The same applies to the other earth signs: for Virgo this will also be a period of success in education or distant travel, and for Capricorn - of success in love, with children or with creative projects.

Aries should expect material benefits from work and Cancer - a meeting with an important person who will play a big and positive role in the future for him. For other water signs: Scorpio - successes with the partner or new partnership – in life or in business, and for the Pisces - success in communication and positive attitude as well as short trips. For Leo it is social and career advancement that is in the chart and for Aquarius – home decoration or pleasant events at home or with family.  

The other zodiacal sign that will have a beneficial influence on the material sphere is Libra. Libra will have the opportunity for loans, investments, inheritances, money from other people. For Sagittarius and for those born with Ascendant in Sagittarius - a very positive period for health, everyday activities, colleagues and subordinates, as well as enjoyable experiences related to these spheres.

The other planet, that will change its sign is Mars

Mars will be in Cancer from May 15th to July 1st, and will give a lot of energy and zeal to all Crabs to cope with their tasks, even if they are more. It is up to you to deal with your plan by July 1st, because then Mercury will turn retrograde and you will have to revise, re-work, turn inward.

For all of us this period means frequent changes of mood, plans and goals. We will have more protective reactions than an incentive to act. Better to fight this impulse and implement our decisions. Additional energy will extend to other water signs as well - Pisces and Scorpio, and they will have support for their actions too.

Given that Mars and Venus are in friendly signs, we can also expect happy romantic opportunities. Especially on May 18th and 4 days before, as well as on May 30th.

Full Moon in 28 degrees Scorpio on 18th of May

The focus will be on the money of others, loans, banks and inheritance, the opportunities for them. Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun so that the Full Moon will certainly bring news, conversation, communication and it will have an element of transformation and security due to the positive angle with Pluto and Saturn. The influence is +/- 4 days and, as with all the full moons, a theme will find its end, after it began with the new moon and will clear the place of the new. So we should expect a completion, the finalization of a situation and its development in our lives.
The strongest influence those astrological events will have to those of us who have points in chart, planets or Sun of approximately 24 to 30 degrees from the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and 0 to 2 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).
For Aries this will be in the sphere of money, for Taurus - of the partner, for Gemini - of health, routine, colleagues, for Cancer - of love, children and creative projects, and for Leo - of home and family. Virgo shall think of communication and short trips and Libra - for money and possessions! Scorpio will be most affected and influenced – as person – with transformational success and a promise of security! Sagittarius will lose some illusions, forever, and Capricorn will meet an important person, a new friend or patron. Aquarius will mark a new career level and Pisces will have developments in education and long journeys, as well as in beliefs.

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