Astrological forecasts for 2019 - Part II

The five eclipses of 2019 in the astrological forecast for 2019

Eclipses always come in pairs. The accent usually falls between a given axis of opposing astrological signs. This year, those are Cancer and Capricorn.

That’s why they’ll best reflect the cardinal cross zodiacs: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

For Pisces the lunar eclipses are usually felt the hardest, since their sign is guided by the moon, and everything relating to it. But this year, the solar eclipses will also play an important role.

This year, the five eclipses are:

New moon and solar eclipse in Capricorn between January 6th – 16th in Capricorn;

Time for New Year’s resolutions! Time to think about what you want in terms of ambitions, career, money, hip replacement, teeth work. A new moon makes way for the new with full force, and this is the time to take on an original project. If you’re a Capricorn – keep chasing the things you’ve been wanting to always – and if you’re a Cancer – the important ambitions you have for your relationship. For Aries, think about the change in terms of your career and position in society, while for Libra, about the home and the house. Now’s the time to make a change!

Full moon and Lunar eclipse in 1˚ Leo on the 20th January;

Just on the cusp of Leo and Cancer, this eclipse will reflect the end of something for you. Whether you expect it or not, it’s happening. Focus on family and the home – on love and children! Themes that took hold on you between July and August of 2018 will come to a close, and will reach a logical conclusion. Remember what was important for you then.

2nd July – New Moon and Solar eclipse in 11˚ Cancer;

For Cancers born around this day (+/- 4 days), this will mark an important year for you. What types of newfound things come into your life will depend on which house the eclipse is in. For Capricorns, this will be the time to reflect on a new partner or partnerships. As a whole, the eclipses this year are around the Cancer-Capricorn axis, and will affect these zodiacs most, particularly in terms of relationships, whatever form they take. Now is the best time to start forming them.

16th July – Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Capricorn 24˚;

The end of an emotion or relationship will come abruptly and forever. Either our partner or ourselves will be the one to meet it with a bang and some collateral damage, but this will be for the best, mainly for Cancers and Capricorns. The opposition is along the lines of domestic-professional, family-communal, paternal-maternal. This period is characterized most by a hyper-sensitivity. Don’t make rash decisions! Every eclipse escalates events and has them take place despite us. They will lead to an end, which we will be helpless to stop.

New Moon and Solar eclipse in 4˚ Capricorn on the 25th December;

Plan ahead for the following year, particularly in regard to the domestic sphere and the professional sphere. Ask yourself what is important to you? What gives you balance? Think carefully before deciding.

Eclipses always make us more emotional for around 10 days. They often decide things for us, so it’s good to be at peace with the news it brings us. Don’t take action, but just observe, revise and contemplate what’s best for you!

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Astrological forecast for 2019 and Uranus in Taurus

Uranus, the Enlightened One, will for a short time be in retrograde in Aries in the beginning of the year and will enter into a long period of duration (most likely for the course of a lifetime) in Taurus. Uranus brings chaos and disarray, sudden events, and epiphanies. This is a seven-year period, in which we will learn how to deal with surprises, to find alternatives and how to be good innovators. After Aries and now for a short time in Taurus (6th March 2019 to 2026) Uranus will permanently enter Uranus and this will be its only transit for most of us in this house. The world of ideals, finances, beauty, self-love, art, design, and music will undergo a massive paradigm shift, with all kinds of changes and innovations. After this period passes, the landscape will never be the same (just as previously, with the advent of Aries, the world stage changed forever, with leaders and politicians never seen before assuming power, and terror forever changing the genesis of the times). The daily rhythm of society changed – what we are invested and focused in changed – and now revolve mainly around climate change, space and technology. These changes never take place suddenly, but rather do so gradually, with an eb and flow.

Now we can expect these things in the domain of Taurus – money, beauty, art, self-reflection, the sensory, our relationship with the material world, income and our belongings.

Aspects of Venus and astrological forecasts for 2019

Venus, the gentle and malleable planet responsible for love, relationships, art and self-love, will not be in retrograde this year!

There will be aspects, which will be of value to us, and two of these are money and success – we will all like ourselves a lot more! This will take place between 22-23 January and 24-25 November. Schedule all important meetings and other negotiations, parties and engagements for those dates. The gentle Venus will be in the arms of Jupiter in Sagittarius to bring us happiness in our destiny! Sagittarius and the other fire signs (i.e. Aries and Leo) will be particularly brimming!

And the flirtation between Venus and Mars between 23-26th August 2019 will endow the astro-forecast of 2019 with the magic of love’s chance, and the tango of men and women. Art, relationships and talent will culminate and flourish during this period. Venus and Mars will meet in Gemini, and Geminis will in turn get their star chance to find love! The other Earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn) will also benefit greatly from this coincidence!

Plan all expressions of love, creativity and talent during this period, which will last until 4th of September, while the energy will be felt until 9th of August. Be courteous, refined, practical and effective, as is the Gemini. That energy will be enhanced if you match it then.

Mercury Retrograde 2019

In the astrological forecast of 2019, the most important element as always, is the retrograde Mercury we see present.

It will take place over the following three periods:

5-28th March: Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces; This is a time where we look back at our dreams and illusions, what we’ve lost, and what we’ve left behind in the catacomb of our souls. We should reevaluate our dependencies, particularly in regard to opiates and alcohol. Meditation, music, dance are great expressions for us right now to escape from reality, as well as all practices relating to water!

7-31st July; Mercury will be in retrograde in Leo until the 19th of July and then in Cancer; these two signs will make you reevaluate your early goals and desires and will adjust for corrections. This will be a harsh time for families, communication with kids, creative endeavors and negotiations. Don’t lash out, don’t rush, don’t get defensive and go on the offensive – all in all, it’s best to wait for this time to pass so you can see the whole picture clearly. Guard yourself from negative emotions and their fallbacks.

31st October – 20th November: Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio – a lot of interaction with the world of the dead and the world beyond, as well as looking deeply into depths of our soul and passions; This period coincides with the start of Halloween, during which Mercury will be the ruler and mediator between the kingdom of the living and the dead. All these times will come to us in new ways, and we will come to conceptualize them like never before. And once again, we shouldn’t rush into assumptions, but rather wait for things to clear up, for the fog to pass. Careful with the way you communicate – you don’t want to “kill off” another person with words or deeds.

As a whole, it’s important during this retrograde Mercury to not be signing on a deal, or undertaking new projects, buying new technology, while for those on the road, anticipate detours and hurdles. Don’t overshare your thoughts, don’t give out what you’re planning, and look out for information that happens to slip up for us to grab, so we can get a clearer picture of the present.

The whole astrological forecast for 2019 will mainly be guided by these different aspects, retrogrades, and motions in the signs. It’s important that we take these into account, and use this information to best navigate the future, as well as avoiding what could harm us. Astrobooth will be updating it’s blog with current articles throughout the coming year. Expect topical forecasts for the individual zodiacs in 2019, and in the meantime, you can check the potential between your own sign and its relationship to Venus and Mars, as well as personal prognosis’ for the nine types of relationships.

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