Astrological forecast for 2019 – Part 1 ; Three planets in rulership, North node in Cancer and five eclipses, Uranus in Taurus, three periods of Mercury retrograde and a couple of love affairs between Venus and Jupiter and Mars

Let’s imagine the skies are ruled by three overlords, each in their own kingdom, yielding their power and might.

These are known as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus – also known as the “outer planets”, all of which will guide 2019 for us.

For Jupiter, this period encompasses 9th November 2018 to the 3rd of December, 2019; a little bit more than a year.

For Saturn, this will be the 21st December, 2017 until 22nd March, 2020 – almost three years.


For Neptune in Pisces, this period began on the 4th of February, 2012 and will continue until 31st March, 2025 – 13 years. Neptune is in a good position by sign in relation to Saturn, and both planets will be creating different opportunities for us during this period. 31st January and the 15th of June, 2019 will be known as the strongest period for accessing opportunities through gentility, empathy, healing, and compassion in order to achieve our goals.


In the astrological forecast for 2019, this just means we will feel all three planets at once, and we’ll have to be mindful of the forces that guide them throughout the year.

The meaning of each goes as follows: if Jupiter (previously in Scorpio), taught us how to be stronger in intimacy, and how to manage personal transformation and the depth of our sense of self, then in the present, it’ll make us optimists, dreamers, travellers and teachers, and it’ll fill us with courage to take on more than we can handle. Our horizons will broaden, as we seek out the new, authentic and the original – all that is removed from egoism or false ways of being. Brave? Definitely. Ever-growing and fulfilled? Yes. Seeking out wonder, travelling far, discovering the unknown? Absolutely. I hope I’m starting to impress on you’re the “framework” under which Jupiter in Scorpio operates, though Jupiter in Sagittarius has no framework! We’ll travel more, our optimism will have us overextend ourselves, we’ll get lost in foreign lands, projects, ideas – the foreigner will be the prominent archetype of our lives. We’ll have a desire to attain knowledge – it’s no accident travel is the best teacher. We’ll explore the unknown and we will constantly extend our horizons. Everything in our life will keep growing and extending.


2019 also holds the opposite energy as well, which appears through Saturn in Capricorn, bringing the Golden Age of discipline, tradition, beauty – built on hard ambition and limited resources; lessons learned the hard way, responsibility and strategy all in one. We’ll be keeping strict diets, restrictions, regimes; we’ll be in mourning for lost things (sometimes loved ones), and we’ll feel inadequacies, difficulties and fears. We’ll also be gathering the last of our resources. We’ll be aiming for security like never before. We’ll want a win at any cost, and to conquer all the social peaks – not for fame, but for might and for promotion.


So how do we combine these two forces? The best answer is to simply chase these new ambitions outside of the existing boundaries of where we are now, but with the limited resources we have, and a mindful attitude – remembering to keep all actions describable in a single sentence that combines both these principles.


One of the best sole tools for these situations remains hard work – a lot of it. Sometimes it can be outside the realms of what we know, for Saturn will favour for us for it, and Jupiter will bring us to new heights and new territories.


But it’s here we have to introduce the third ruler of 2019 – Neptune, who’s been in the shadows since 2012 and will be a key player in the forecast for this year. We already know what it would ask of us – sensitivity, devotion, altruism, love towards the arts, and last but not least, being gentle. Our behaviour should be like a mirror when it comes to our partner, thinking about their needs reflected back, not what we’re looking for; and also, the flexibility to accept if option one doesn’t work, we should be ready to compromise for option two… or three… or four. Everything has a rhythm, a path, and an intention.


On the horizon, the North node will make a mother of all of us! For 2019, the North node will be in Cancer from 17th November, 2018 to 5th of June, 2020.

These means during this period we’ll be taking on care and responsibility for others, to love and to hold, to list, to help, just as a mother would, and to give unconditional love. To feed, to cook, to dress, and to inspire comfort and security in our friends and family. We’ll also be taking care of the home and our kin. And what’s interesting is that all this will give us newfound strength and direction, just as it does for someone who’s a Pisces. At least one project we take on during this period will come into full fruition. We’ll be taking care of it, nurturing it, and seeing it through to maturity. We’ll also set for ourselves the task of getting together more as a family. We will be a shoulder to cry on for all of our loved ones, and will live through the hard times with them shoulder to shoulder!


It would be best to let go of the energy of Capricorn, where the Dragon’s Tail rests (i.e. as the North and South node are also known as the head and the tail of the Dragon, and they are always looked at as a pair). In 2019, it’ll be important to let go of our fears and apprehensions, as well as greed and the ambition to succeed at all costs – which you might also call stubborn obsession.


Stay tuned for the second half of this article by Astrobooth, as well as other important factors influencing the astrological chart for 2019. Expect an analysis also of the five eclipses, the retrograde periods in Mercury, Uranus and Taurus, as well as the aspects relating to Venus with Jupiter and Mars.

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