Uranus in Taurus – Which spheres of our lives will be affected by the upcoming revolutions, by Sun Sign – Part Two

Until November 6th 2018, we’ll watch a trailer of the coming show. After March 6th 2019, brace for the blockbuster - a bumpy journey with surprises and U-turns scattered all along the way till 2026

Uranus in Taurus:
May 15th 2018 – November 6th 2018; 
March 6th 2019 – July 7th 2025, and November 7th 2025 – April 25th 2026.
Each astrological sign (Sun Sign) and Ascendant point to the most probable areas of changes for you in the coming 7-year period. 

84 years later, Uranus is back in Taurus, in your 8th house, Librans. Until now, it resided in your 7th house of partnerships with spouse, business partner, physician, accountant or personal therapist.  Your interactions with them were marked by sudden twists and changes, partings and reunions. Relationships that didn’t break up managed to stay good and strong thanks to shared values and genuine friendship. You came out of this with a new perception of these relationships and persons, different from the one that you had seven years ago. Stripped from any illusions, you enjoy insights. At that, you introduced to these relationships some new, previously absent elements. You may have felt at your wit’s end, as Librans get shaken to the core by any change of values. Yet, this is just what Uranus does – it divests us of old beliefs and stale habits and introduces us to new ones.
Your relationships will no longer be troubled by anything audacious, unconventional and revolutionary, since they have already undergone the needed transformation. The page has turned to other people’s money, money from partings/divorces and inheritances, loans and mortgages, dealings with banks and various financial institutions, matters concerning sex, secrets and death. You will experience sudden urges to act in these spheres, needs will arise and resources will appear out of the blue. In the next years, you will have to manage these sporadic, surprising and quite extreme influences! You will get interested in the new currencies and other innovative moneys – and may invest in them. A word of warning, though – stay alert, as their development will be tempestuous and bumpy. The good thing is that the surprises could go both ways -  a sudden need for money to meet unexpected expenses, or a handsome cash inflow, from unexpected sources!  Surprising turns of fortune, novelties and freedom will be your benchmarks in these areas - you better get used to them.  You Libran lovers of harmony will have to somehow retain your balance during this jerky ride. Admittedly, this should be quite a feat, but you are the masters.

You probably need to take a deep breath after the seven years of Uranus’ theme park ride through your 6th house.  One needs to stay vigilant while the planet of constant surprises visits the house of health, daily work, colleagues and small pets. Changes and transformations, new vision and conduct in these spheres and the need to meet head-on crises, beneficial or hazardous ones – that’s what this period brought you. Well, it’s finally over. However, here comes the turn of your spouse, business partner or doctor – will you remain together? Your ideas and beliefs will undergo a transformation. New things and people, new types of relationships will make you tick from now on. Uranus is the Great Awakener – he brings to the fore previously latent aspects of our personalities or relationship needs. You will no longer be able to keep to the trodden path -  this could materialise in a change of therapist, much more space in a constricted relationship or a parting (or a renewal of vows for a shaky marriage), a new joint venture with a previous business partner – one never knows, but these will be the key influences to face in the coming years. Bear in mind that apart from new types of relationships, Uranus fosters more space in the existing ones, be it an open relationship mode or more ‘me time’ for each partner. This is why you will pay more attention to your own pet interests and will get to know yourself better. To you, Scorpios, the idea of  giving freedom to your partner is disgruntling. You strive for power, manipulation and even behave as slave masters. These new relationship trends will be contrary to your passionate nature – your deep feelings will be in mayhem, your suspicions will boil into a frenzy of jealousy. Here is your revolution – how to give freedom, how to be true to yourself without imposing your will on others, how to get closer to the more independent aspects of relationships and of your own self. Whatever the case may be, if you do not part ways for good, or if you do get back together, the air between the two of you will be fresher and lighter, and you will both enjoy greater freedom. You might feel drawn to people who are not your type, or – not at all recommended! - you may suddenly (or after many reservations)  get married or sign a binding agreement. Whatever you do, expect the unexpected and give yourself the freedom to act in new ways. 

As a rule, the unaffected Sagittarian nature easily makes space for novelties, but now you’ll face a different challenge – to learn how to react to changes and surprises in the field of health and work routine. Did I say ‘routine’? To Sagittarians, this word is tantamount to blasphemy. Now is your time to learn how to cope with incessant changes in these spheres. In the last 7 years, the emphasis of change was placed on love, offspring, games, fun and creativity. This was a natural and welcoming domicile for surprises, flashes of ingenuity and bouts of unbridled energy. This period brought lots of joy and fun to Sagittarius. At that, the friendly fire sign of Aries lent further enthusiasm and high spirits to these areas of life (Uranus was in Aries). Maybe you experienced many love stories, which will subside to give way to a single big one. Now the earthy Taurus, where Uranus moved for a short while to afford us a glimpse of what’s to come, will appear puzzling to Sagittarius who needs to calm down, even though his reactions will be triggered abruptly and surprisingly. Chaos will ensue and you will try to somehow break the shackles in the contexts of health, regimen, routine, daily chores, small pets. However, you must adopt a sensible, level-headed approach and always take into account your own and others’ best interests. You will be resilient if you stand for humane causes, bold innovative projects, unusual work methods and new approaches to your daily duties. Be the driver of change in these areas, find the new paths and stride along them. They will lead you to previously unsuspected by you, unexplored, broader horizons. You are not one to mince your words, and now you’ll add to this forte of yours ingenious flashes and progressive thoughts and beliefs.  Maybe you will find new niches and methods for day-to-day accomplishments and routine duties, or you will move on to altogether new ones.  You will care for your health in a new way, too. You may start up a new, completely innovative venture. If you are a scientist or an IT specialist, or work in the field of internet communications or mass production, you could dumbfound your peers with your new ideas and visions. Drive at full steam! 

In the last seven years, Capricorns experienced changes on the home front – both in terms of dwellings and in the format of their families – new members appeared, others departed, maybe you moved house more than once. Or you had some problems with repairs and refurbishment, financing, home layout, family structure?  Well, this chapter is closed. Now you will have to make space for surprises in love, games and fun, rest and holidays, creativity and children. These will be the areas of novelty, changes, new ideas and freedom. Perhaps your kids will adopt a new lifestyle or will embark on innovative projects related to the new technologies, to science and inventions.  This will be a bolt out of the blue and will find you completely unprepared. And to Capricorns, being in control is like breathing. Which is more, they are master strategists, decision makers and implementers. Now, the fickleness of fate and the whimsical actions of your nearest and dearest will require your creative reaction, thinking on your feet and improvised actions. You may support your children’s shockingly untraditional, bold endeavours – or they may be the ones to support you, if you’d dare to tread into unchartered territory and experience the euphoria of creativity. One thing is certain – this situation will occur more than once and will make you break all your rules. The principally conservative nature of the Goat will clash head-on with the force of progressive thinking, which is fertile ground for the planning of new strategies and the conquering of new peaks. Any problem will turn into yet another topic for creative reasoning and a quest for innovative approaches! For Capricorns, who are not renowned for flexibility, especially with Saturn as their natural ruler, this will be a Hamletian dilemma – Will I win, or will I lose? Shall I go ahead, or should I stay put? And the answer will be surprising now! If after the 7 years of Uranus in Taurus – apropos, your own earth element – you fail to learn your lesson how to react, it would be a precious life experience gone to waste. So you better get your earthy act together and approach this complex task in a new way!

Aquarians are about to embark on the bumpy home-front ride which Capricorns just left behind their backs. Until now, they enjoyed exciting new experiences with members of their household and neighbours, siblings, short trips and early education. They took quite a few turns in these respects. Now they will move house, will welcome and see off family members, sometimes for good. They may move together with someone for a while, or they may part temporarily. They may be asked to swap homes with relatives. There are all sorts of variations around the topic of changes at home or concerning family and neighbours. While until recently you were energetic and enterprising in terms of travel and dealings with siblings, relatives and family, this energy will now settle down into a more stable, down-to-earth form and will express itself in sudden decisions related to your home – where to live, for how long and with whom. And also, by whose rules and why! As far as your place and your definition of ‘hearth and home’ are concerned, you will update your system of values quite a few times. Paradoxically, the fact that you’re a fixed sign will be of help, as you hate changes and this trait of yours will lessen to an extent the swing of the pendulum. And your free spirit, thinking and imagination will flabbergast again and again others in your household. Let’s not forget that Uranus is your ruler and you will seem to be behind the wheel throughout these changes. On the plus side, apart from unforeseen changes and surprises, you will also boast some wonderful strokes of genius and profitable moves. Your Aquarian intuition will lead you to the right solutions. A word of warning – do not give way to your proverbial aloofness. Take into account others’ needs and desires. 

Financial cataclysms are left in the past! Uranus moved out of your 2nd house and now resides in the house of short trips, early education, siblings and neighbours, They have some surprises in store for you. But back to Uranus in Aries. During the last seven years, you took your share of difficulties and managed to swim through the sea of troubles (with own earned money, set of values, self-appreciation and carnal pleasures) thanks to your inherent wisdom and flexibility. (New Moons and eclipses along the Aries-Libra axis also triggered Uranus and heightened its effect). Your ability to imagine and follow thousands of scenarios and courses of action was of utmost help – you learned your lesson! What lies ahead are equally intriguing cases in the spheres governed by the 3rd house. You will embark on a multitude of short trips, your verbal communication will bustle with energy and you will explain your new and bold theses compellingly. You will probably utilise the latest state-of-the-art modes of communication. People will listen to you. They will learn from you. In general, communication will be very impulsive, abrupt and outgoing. Folks from your immediate circle will be a source of surprises, as well. They will actively chase many new projects, endeavours and ideas. You will heatedly discuss how to make these work and you will lend a helping hand. You will revel in your  uniqueness and inimitability. You have the knack and possess the style to present these traits of yours in a fresh way. After the initial 6 months  when these topics are activated, Uranus will return to Aries for a short while and will act as a gentle reminder of the past 7-year period, but then it will move out of Aries to return to this sign 84 years later.

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