Uranus in Taurus – Which spheres of our lives will be affected by the upcoming revolutions, by Sun Sign

Until November 6th 2018, we’ll watch a trailer of the coming show. After March 6th 2019, brace for the blockbuster - a bumpy journey with surprises and U-turns scattered all along the way till 2026

Uranus in Taurus:
May 15th 2018 – November 6th 2018; 
March 6th 2019 – July 7th 2025, and November 7th 2025 – April 25th 2026.
Each astrological sign (Sun Sign) and Ascendant point to the most probable areas of changes for you in the coming 7-year period. 

The period when Uranus journeyed through Aries was genuinely challenging for you. You were short-tempered, unconventional and tactlessly outspoken. Perhaps you changed your appearance quite frequently (and extravagantly, too). Maybe you enjoyed some flashes of ingenuity?  Or you took a sudden interest in the Internet and new technologies, or IT and mass production? Perhaps you experienced certain acute and puzzling health problems, which you overcame as quickly as they overcame you? You came out of them with the lesson of prudence. Now Uranus will act out in another sphere of your life. Your money-making ways will radically change. The same is true of your attitude to money. Paradoxically, you will seek to unchain yourselves from the burden of material assets, quite possibly through a more pleasurable way to earn your bucks. You could cash on your hobby, or you could turn previously unexploited skills into a new profession. Your finances will move in ebbs and flows. Towards the end of this period, you will have learned to manage this inconsistency fairly well. (You will have to cope with unexpected expenses but then, money will also come your way quite unexpectedly). Get ready for surprises – fluctuating income, changes in the way in which you enjoy physical delights, and an altered sense of appreciation. Your system of values will be subjected to abrupt changes and flashes, to end up renewed. 

For the first time in your lives, you will experience Uranus in your own sign. This will be a mere dress rehearsal, as only the earlier representatives of your sun sign – those born in April -  will get a taste of what’s to come. Taureans born in May will feel the influence only when Uranus reaches their natal Sun degree. In any case, all of you will catch a whiff of what’s in store and you will suddenly start taking daring, ingenious steps; you will undertake surprising changes and will act as mavericks and adventurers. This is so different from the way in which you currently present yourselves that people will have a hard time trusting your sincerity at first. Your mind will overflow with ideas, some of which will be astoundingly insightful and visionary. The youngest Taureans will be particularly creative. Your appearance will quite likely change, as well. For starters, others will perceive you in a new, fresh way. Your proverbial calm and level-headedness will be interspersed with bouts of energy, insightfulness and bold visions. While realistic, your ideas will be way ahead of their time! You will enjoy surges of vitality and you’ll approach life with gusto. You’ll be driven in new, daring directions and you will have the power to go all the way!

Uranus is known as the high octave of Gemini’s ruler Mercury. This is why you need to take in this forecast. You will be tuned on a higher octave – more serious, more insightful and more humane.   The sun sign of the Twins represents two humans and embodies the thinking, journeying, communicating man. Now Uranus is going to exalt your reasoning ability and turn it into concepts. As Uranus transits through your 12th house, your ideas will dawn on you in flashes of images and even moving pictures. But you, the quick-witted, clever Gemini will take them in your stride. However, now the ideas flashing through your mind will be engendered in the realm of soul and secrets, which isn’t Gemini’s usual playground. This tie to spirituality will raise the bar – now you will have to ponder on the eternal, deep and melancholic side of life. You will try to decipher and explain the way it works. Notions, futuristic ideas and innovative solutions will dawn on you when you are by yourself, unlike your habitual state of active communication with others when surrounded by them. Maths, the Internet, programming – solitary occupations at which you will be good and quite successful. This is precious to you, as you revel in victories of the mind and you adore action! After all, your ruler is the messenger of the gods! Sudden situations with hospitals and institutions, places of solitude such as ashrams and monasteries, hidden enemies, mysticism and secrets, sacrifices and losses will lend depth to your otherwise light character and gliding mind. It would be easiest for you to pass through this transit away from the crowd, with some new type of mental discipline – high tech, IT, Internet, TV, mass-scale production. By finding such an occupation, in the next 7 years you will enrich your lives with a special dimension and it will become part of you when Uranus moves out of your 12th house.

While Uranus was in your 10th house of career and public standing, you radically changed your occupation and the image that you present to the world. You learned new things, probably related to the Internet, IT and new technologies. This “education” quite likely commenced in chaos, with a hitch, a need to shift direction towards new, unfamiliar grounds. You advanced in jittery leaps. This taxing period is over. You earn your living in a different way already. Now you can finally take a deep breath. Your social sphere will become very lively and cordial. You will make new contacts and start new friendships, you’ll join new crowds, new clubs and social media outlets. There’s so much fun in store for you! Through your contacts, you will learn many new things, as you join circles of visionaries. You will be fascinated by the hi-tech, humanitarian and innovative fields of knowledge and will get to communicate with young people. Your social life will rev up immensely. Uranus feels at home in the 11th house. You will experience it in its glory. You’ll meet highly effective, successful and creative people who will provide you the needed impetus for change and advancement. Enjoy this reinvigoration! You could launch a political career, or dedicate efforts to a charitable cause; you could embrace a humanitarian stance, fulfill your hopes and reaffirm your friendships. 

You probably had your share of travel and learning in the past 7 years. You updated your knowledge and beliefs as Uranus transited your 9th house. Foreigners and foreign countries were a source of pleasant surprises and brought you success. Now this planet enters with a bang your 10th house of career, social advancement and public image! A sharp turn awaits you after the first Uranus in Taurus period, which lasted until November 6th 2018 and gave you a hint of what’s to come. After March 6th 2019, new paths open before you in the sphere related to the Internet, IT and new technologies. Expect the unexpected! The 6-month period until November was a demo of what’s in store for all of us! Grasp the opportunity! This is the forecast for you. Be bold and daring. It’s darkest before dawn. Your creative pursuits will become stronger and more visionary. You will outline your future. Will it be a smooth ride? Hardly so! Yet, you are lion-hearted and inventive. Uranus will act at odds with your distaste for change, but then it always triggers one apprehension or another in all of us. You may not have the front door flung open for you in pomp and style, but you will definitely impress with smarts, vision and knowledge! If we get to live to 84, we all meet Uranus at least once in each of the spheres governed by the houses of our chart. Its lessons are bright, wise and precious. What gives us pause is their sheer abruptness, but this is the very essence of insights. Speaking of insights, yours will pertain to career, advancement and your climb up the social ladder. Your path will be illuminated by lightning, shaken by thunder and lashed by winds. Hard work, changes, new positions, new occupations, new professional sphere. And also, new brighter horizons! Don’t be scared! The wisdom of the young at heart will guide you. Until now, Uranus was in your friendly fire sign of Aries and all was as easy as pie, while now things will move slightly uphill. But then, you may rely on your spontaneity, which is a Uranian trait. (By the way, you could get some feedback from the Cancerians – Uranus left their 10th house just recently!) 

While it may appear that the rational, down-to earth, heedful Virgo has little in common with the great revolutionary and awakener Uranus, this isn’t so, dear Virgos! Don’t forget your Mercury! Uranus is the high octave of your own sign ruler! You will travel and learn, you will apply for visas and will explore university courses, new knowledge, new countries, foreign cultures! This will be your source of surprises, inspiration and challenges. What a marvellous prospect! The good thing is that, until recently, Uranus resided in your house of other people’s money, proceeds from partings and divorces, taxes, loans, investment capital, student loans, fees and all sorts of shocking novelties on this front.  Plus sex, the deepest recesses of the human soul, psychoanalysis and whatever lies tucked away in our subconscious minds. You had your moments of surprises and insights, novelties and shedding of outdated notions. Uranus is not going back there in your lifetime! Good riddance! Well, after the 6-monthly trailer of what’s to come next, Uranus will be revisiting for a few more months but you already know how to react. Bid farewell to financial woes and enjoy your newly-acquired knack to keep them at bay! Now is your time to become a communicator - a brilliant line of work for a Virgo as an editor, translator, writer, researcher, talk-show host or producer. This is just your cup of tea, as it is Mercury’s home ground.  Admittedly, the pace will be faster but when the going gets tough, you tough Virgos get going. You may suddenly decide to acquire education in a new sphere, or join a newly emerging progressive school of thought. Your fine attention to detail will turn this period into a gold mine. In these seven years, you will produce a fine piece of work on the knowledge and insights gained. It will be met with accolade. 

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