Full Moon in Leo - total lunar eclipse in relationships and love

On 21.01.2019 we are expecting a total lunar eclipse in Leo. The Moon will be 1 ° Leo , and the Sun will be in Aquarius. Full moons are the time of fulfilling, finishing, ending, fertility, relationships, and emotions. The Moon rules feelings, Leo as a sign is responsible for love, children, game, theater and drama, entertainment. In these fields, we will come to an end and see the fruits of what is finishing now. We will be controlled by our emotions, express ourselves dramatically, and look for the effect of our words and gestures.
This full moon is also a complete lunar eclipse and is oriented towards the relationships in our lives. It will naturally affect the signs of the fixed cross: Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus. It can lead to an end of a relationship, but it may also make us suddenly realize the need of the other. Eclipses usually illuminate as a beacon a sphere of our lives that becomes important to us - now this, besides our relationship, can be some feeling, health, the attitude to our body. So far, all of these processes have been boiling as if they were under a lid, and now it is blown and we are seeing the steam that we've held back.
Needs, misses or forgotten dreams, as well as desires for learning, travel, progress in any field or transformation, are now becoming particularly important for us, are becoming a priority. And because of the square to Uranus this will be sudden, unexpected, it will "hit us like a thunder of a clear sky."
Every full moon puts the matter to the fore and the question for the other. Who we put in the foreground in the couple, and how we experience our relationship. So will it now - we will be "the Moon" - the feeling, the loving, and the Sun - the other, will be the partner or the sphere of life that we will realize in a new way. We will feel that we need to take action, change.

This process was most likely launched last year - July-August 2018. Which houses are for us with a cusp in Leo and Aquarius, they will now undergo final changes.

The next eclipses in 2019 will affect the Cancer - Capricorn axis.

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