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The calculator for personal forecasts for love, sex and marriage –

Could we measure our feelings, is there a radar to “locate” them? Or they are materialized only in hormones and aura?  Why do we say The big Love or Brief love? How do we measure love parameters? Especially that now Venus is retrograde and we look into our relationships’ twist and turns, blockages and obstacles. 
In astrology we have metrics and indicators for the strength, longevity, harmony and attraction. But let’s start form the very beginning with our love calculator.  

Love calculator for our image and style when we are in love relationship
The position by sign of Mars indicates for women what kind of a man they are attracted to, the style, ambiance, character they search for. And the position by sign of Venus is the indicator for men what type of a woman they want to be in love with – see the article “Attraction in Astrology” in Astrobooth blog.
Here the love calculator shows us what HE likes and looks for.
There is a second line for describing what woman men are attracted to for a long lasting relationship and living together and this is linked to the sign of the Moon. It also has to do with the type of mother he has had and her image deeply coded in his soul and instincts.  
For HER the love calculator shows what kind of a man she is attracted to subconsciously and this is given by the sign of Mars – see the article “Love horoscope or how important for HIM is to be perfect”. 
When we already know these positions of the planets in the horoscopes of the couple we know what they expect of each other. Is this working with the current relationship between the two? Hmmm, let’s see! 
Now comes the time for the more complex forecasts with the love calculator of Astrobooth. 

Venus and Mars and their aspects in love calculator forecastslove-calculator-Astrobooth
Read if you have aspects of Venus and Mars in your forecasts – especially if Venus is involved as she is the planet “responsible” for love. This you can do with the forecasts for feelings, Romance, Sex, Marriage in If you have trines, sextiles and even conjunctions and opposition of these two planets – then the outlook is more than positive and these are considered strong aspects. 
If you do not have any of them – may be things will depend more on the other aspects you have, involving Venus OR Mars. Check up and especially for Venus again – as she is ruling feelings and love for both man and women. And for Mars – if Mars of the man in the relationship is involved in an aspect with a planet form the woman’s horoscope.  Love calculator will indicate if you have these aspects and you could read their meanings. 
If any of these two planes is in square – you should read about it too, but have in mind that square requests your decision in the area it appears. Not necessarily a compromise, but more like the common field and shared interests as a basis for avoiding quarrel and fight. 
Love calculator and the heavy planets
When you make a forecast with Astrobooth, you will have readings for the different aspects with them. With the exception of Uranus, they will all bring longevity and this will be mentioned there. If Uranus is present then frequent sudden interruptions will appear in the relationship, some coldness, humanity, lack of engagement. If Saturn is involved then heaviness, durability and security and if you work in this relation it could blossom in its later stage and turn the lead into gold. With Neptune in aspects – medicine and music will fill the life of the two, but it is also possible that addictions and cloudy dreams will prevail. There is never only good or bad meaning of them, depends always on your free choice in the relationship. 

The Moon in love calculator readings
The equation of love always includes the Moon. When you see the meanings of the moon aspects with your partner you should know that they speak about the deepest insticts and intimate feelings you have. Yes, they might be provoked by your relationship with your mother (valid for the person whose Moon is involved) , by your maternal instinct and need for security  but they are so powerful that always color the relationships with emotions. It could be suppression and a need for secure shoulder when Saturn is involved, or guilt and subordination with Pluto in it or escaping in another world if Neptune is involved within the range from movies and music to dreams, mist or even alcohol and addiction. 
Both Moons in the partner’s horoscope tell us what is the tolerance between the two, the possibility to live together. The harmonious aspects – trine, sextile and even the conjunction are a good forecast. The challenging aspects will put them through a trial and will bring alienation, distance and feud at the end. 

Love calculator and our choicelove-calculator-Astrobooth
It is essential that astro chart and reading show us the potential of the relationship and the situation. There are other astrological influences and there is always the free will of the persons. This theoretically means that if we could have two couples with identical charts ( i.e. impossible in reality) how their love will happen will depend on the actions and attitude they have. In other words we pick up what part of this whole potential we will activate and how, what we shall take advantage of and what is our desire we want to fulfill. And here comes the part not only of the rest of the person’s chart, but of his life up to now also – what part of his chart he has activated and what are his mobilized resources in this moment of the relationship.  
Again – will he re-arrange his whole life in order to live with it or he will just pass by. 
We could imagine that these opportunities, readings and forecast are like cards in the hand, and we play the game with our decisions. 
Love calculator – mapping our compatibility
The most frequent couple’s question is will he love me and are we going to have a relationship. The first part is answered directly with Astrobooth forecasts for romance, marriage and love. The second part as always in life is more perplexed and the answers are multiple.  Because and astrologer would tell you that for living together you would need as a couple certain types of aspects and other types will be needed for mutual business success and third - if you are colleagues, for a boss and employee – forth type are the major ones. This is to be so for we play not one but multiple roles in our lives and they require different set of skills, modes, compatibility “scenes” – our home, office, intimacy, friends’ circles, family or relatives and/or our kids and parents. 
All these aspects you have included in your personal forecasts in Astrobooth Love calculator as well as for the rest of eight types of relationships as a map of your relationship potential.

The calculator for personal forecasts for love, sex and marriage –

Love calculator for our image and style when we are in love relationship

Venus and Mars and their aspects in love calculator forecasts

Love calculator and the heavy planets

The Moon in love calculator readings

Love calculator and our choice

Love calculator – mapping our compatibility


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