Venus Retrograde 2018 – low speed harmony

Venus is retrograde approximately every 18 months. The retrograde periods are about 42-43 days. It only appears to be moving backwards due to the difference in the planet’s speed versus the earth. 

Venus rules love, beauty, our values and what brings us aesthetic delight, along with fine art, fashion, social grace, acceptable behavior, good manners and social rules. Venus also rules what we value and like about ourselves, and what other like most about us. This also goes for seduction, flirtation, pleasure, indulgence and different types of leisure: music, aesthetics, money, and everything else we find delightful!

These are the spheres of life we will have to re-evaluate, as we’ll have to accept new measures for.

Romantic relationships, and the domestic life of couples is also under Venus’ rulership. When she’s retrograde, we will encounter difficulties, problems and obstacles, and will be challenged in this field. This is not the time to start new relationships.

Venus retrograde

This year, Venus is retrograde from October 5th till November, 16th in Scorpio and Libra. Altogether with the retrograde shadow, the period spreads from September 2nd till December, 17th. In December, Venus will gain back its speed. (On December 1st she will leave Libra to enter Scorpio). 

The biggest impact by Venus will be felt by those who have a Sun sign or ascendant in Scorpio, Libra, Aries and Taurus.

In the retrograde periods, the planets seem like they’re not “coping” with the heavy traffic in their respective realms, as they “miss” opportunities, “go back”, or lack power and energy for new undertakings.

Now, if we decide to buy that new dress when Venus is retrograde, we would be making a crucial mistake, as our choice would be wrong, or the money would prove insubstantial for what we need. That’s why it’s a good thing to know what to avoid. Here is a short list of do’s and don’ts for the time being:

Romantic relationship and Venus retrograde

Don’t get into a newfound romantic relationship – your judgment will be imprecise, and the person will not have the traits you expected

You may however go back to old loves – but only during this period, you’ll re-evaluate the situation and then separate forever

You’ll find that your relationships will be re-thought after this period, even friendships and partnerships – be receptive to this, as even the slightest sign or hint will be important afterwards

Put more effort and patience into your present relationships – don’t lose your nerves, don’t jump to a break-up, because it will turn out to be forever, and you will separate if you do so

Take time to reflect on all relationships – what they give, what they take, what’s valuable for you in them – are they as they were before?

Cosmetic surgery when Venus is retrograde

Any type of cosmetic surgery or beauty therapy is not recommended during Venus retrograde, so try not to make any drastic changes to your look – it will not be successful. Supporting or routine procedures and treatments are okay, but only if well tested, known, and not invasive

Do not buy new expensive jewelry, as you will regret later

All things in the sphere of fashion, beauty, partnerships, marriage and social skills will go in slow motion, low speed, and will not feel “in shape”.

For Libra and Taurus, things will feel as if they’re in an emotional stalemate. The energy and physical vitality of people with ascendants in Libra and Taurus will be lower, as will self-reflection. Indulgencies and pleasures will be not as satisfying, so be reserved, and do not expect much.

Money and comfort will be harder to achieve

Self-harmony and retrograde Venus

We will communicate less easily, and it will be more difficult to be kind towards others. Our own ego will not be in its usual self-harmony.

Make an extra effort to communicate with others around you, particularly when it comes to women.

 At least one woman will be very important for you during this period.

Pay special attention to your family, as well as to predecessors, such as the deceased. Gather, share memories, stand in silence. Honor the previous generations and those who have passed. This will provide you with the freedom and solid basis on which to farther your own renewed values.

Work for your inner Goddess, connect back with your femininity and see what it says to you. It will be something new or something well forgotten that might change you.

If you know where is Venus in your Natal chart – sign and house, think of the above trait descriptions. How do you express it best; have you been giving it the necessary outlet?

Check on your finances – what changes could you make in your needs, what could you skip or cancel to free up space and resources for new things that will bring you joy. How do you attract money, how do you experience the joy of it? Do you want to change anything there? Do not undertake new financial obligations during Venus retrograde! This will only be a burden for you.

Big social events during Venus retrograde will not prove as decadent and opulent, as they will look more modest and somewhat worn out. They may also be less attended.

The luxury industry will be in bad shape. Stay away. Do not invest! This is the perfect time to go window shopping though. 

Do not initiate relationships, partnerships, or new project – with Venus retrograde, all these will lack charm, comfort and material success.

Craving for sweets and Venus retrograde

You could choose to fight with your craving for sweets, as well as with any strong cravings you’ve had all your life.

And at the end – as Venus is retrograde in Scorpio as well – we will very much want to have power, to learn other people’s secrets, to be passionate in our relationships and in our sex lives especially, and to undertake bigger financial projects and responsibilities. But as of now, these actions will not be supported by Venus retrograde. Better save it all for the future. If we can’t head the lessons above, we will instead learn the high price for our values, money and feelings.

We still have to remember that Venus, even in retrograde, is the small benefic of the planets, and will always seek to bring us joy. It will just be in smaller quantities and lower quality during this period, but that’s why we will appreciate all the more. And as we re-think our values, the new joys that life will bring us will for the first time seem thrilling and a fresh perspective on delight, love, beauty, relationship and money.Venus retrograde 2018

A happy Venus retrograde to all who have patient hearts and a will for change! You can see how strong your relationship is and where its potential lies for overcoming difficulties on the Astrobooth site and app.  The forecasts are personal, and you could choose from nine types of relationship dynamics.

Venus retrograde

Romantic relationship and Venus retrograde

Cosmetic surgery when Venus is retrograde

Self-harmony and retrograde Venus

Craving for sweets and Venus retrograde

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