​Love horoscope or How Important is it for Him to be Perfect

Every woman has this image in her mind of the ideal man for her, and she’ll spend her whole life looking for him. In her love horoscope Astrology agrees: she does in fact have an image in her mind. Here we’ll attempt to paint a picture of what that man is by looking at Mars in the different signs in female charts.

Mars in woman's chart

Different astrologers have different approaches when it comes to observing what a woman likes in a man, and what she’s drawn to sexually. In love horoscope these always connect back to Venus and Mars and their aspects (you can find out if you have any on Astrobooth - here you’ll be able to look them up using a catered and personalised reading for you and your partner). The most common method, however, is by looking at the sign where Mars is in the woman’s chart. This is because Venus is the guiding force defining what kind of woman we’re shaped to become, including how much and how we value ourselves, what we find important, and what we think is out of our reach. This also guides what shape our sexuality takes, and how we express it (it’s important to note this only applies to heterosexual women, because Venus and Mars deal exclusively with heteronormative archetypes of behaviour). After all, many astrologers believe it’s actually Venus that destines us to our sexuality, what we’re attracted to and what attracts others as a reflection of that which we value most in ourselves and others. In love horoscope it acts much like a mirror. My own opinion wavers more towards the more common (and more adequate) method, which involves looking at the positioning of Mars. You can find out what sign Mars is in on the day of your birth in this chart.

The placement of Mars tells us what a woman likes in a man, and what of his masculine behaviour, style, etiquette, character and outlook sexually attract her. And here now is a description of the ideal man for each of the respective zodiac signs Mars is in your natal chart.The sign of Mars in your Natal Chart could be found here: Tables with the sign of Mars from 1930 to 2025 (Eastern Time – ET) in the Blog.

Mars in Aries - ​If you happen to have Mars in Aries, you like a guy who’s self-confident, primed, strong, independant and direct, with an athletic build. You wouldn’t care too much for someone who’s sensitive or shy. Your man according to your love horoscope might even be too blunt or harsh at times, but that only attracts you all the more. A constant back-and-forth flirtation, full of nuance and enigmatic passes will not only repel you but will actually make you angry. So the best thing is to go hand in hand with your macho man, because you’re both on the same wavelength - both in bed and in love. Above all, it makes you feel complete as a woman.

Mars in Taurus - ​Strength and stability in your man is what attracts you most. Uncomplicated, with a love for the simpler things in life, he also happens to have a sensitivity to him, and a finer touch to everything with a fit visual appeal - all of which unlocks your innermost sexual desires. There’s nothing too intellectually distant about him, he’s as strong and as stable as the ground beneath your feet, with a love as strong as Venus. Despite what everyone says, this is the perfect guy for you. He’s the kind to take you on a romantic trip to a deserted island. And in your wildest fantasies, he’s carrying you there in his arms says your love horoscope.

Mars in Gemini ​points to the fact that you’re a sapiosexual of sorts, because his intelligence is definitely a magnet. Witty, with the ability to wrestle with any situation and argue over topics you didn’t even think possible. What is it about that boyish charm that made you sexually and intellectually attracted to him you’ll never know. Maybe he’s athletic or tall and slim, but always so beautiful, with the most mesmerizing hands, you could talk for hours about them to your girlfriends. His sense of humour is also something you’ll appreciate inevitably, even if it is a bit tongue-in-cheek at times, it’s still just too darn smart. It’s worth noting his versatility of spirit will always be a part of your relationship - like being with math olympiad and the swim team all at once. Always smart, always athletic, you’ll never know what to expect, and by the time you try to figure out how he operates, you might just get to grow old together. In your love horoscope depressive episodes aren’t common for this type of man, neither is a well that runs deep, but his intellectual and verbal capacity for that matter does. It’s almost as if this type of man never gets too deep into his relationships with people, but he will always stay loyal to his lady, especially if she’s one that can keep up with his brains. Repeat after me, “I am a sapiosexual!”

Mars in Cancer love horoscope - ​It’s almost like you always prefer the sensitive type. Ever empathetic and protective, as a woman, you tend to be drawn towards the guy who’s always swimming in deep waters, with a need on your part to understand and decipher him. But let’s not demean what that sensitive entails for you - he’s interesting and quirky, and maybe even traditionally masculine in some cases. Your guy might just have some odd traits to him, like a particularly strong affinity for his mom or his country. As a minimum, the guy next to his type of woman is strong. And that stability is really all you’re looking for to begin with.

Mars in Leo - ​The man of a woman with Mars in Leo is strong, brave and proud, with a decorated public persona, maybe even someone famous or decorated. He oozes confidence and superiority - one that feels like he’s had since birth. This in turn attracts just the right type of woman who would happily share her days with him; the kind of woman who appreciates that her man is someone confident and well-regarded. It’ll be especially important here that he can keep up in this game of love, and is able to project their successful relationship into the public eye. Because for her, the biggest tragedy would be going unnoticed. A little too much jealousy and self-regard might be the pang of this dynamic, but both parties will secretly revel in it rather than directly being opposed to it.

Mars in Virgo - ​Your ideal match is someone humble, unpretentious and down-to-earth. But make no mistake, he’s a real man, in your love horoscope with a repertoire of strong personality traits to him, who cares about his loved one and himself. His standards are high, and only the best quality will satisfy him. That’s why often the woman next to him will subtly shine with the most lavishly expensive things in life. If we take a peek, we even might see how they both only settle for the best. Fit, clean and a natural, we can’t blame her - she’s been looking just as hard as he’s been trying to get his feelings across. Sensitivity and humility are qualities each enjoys in the other. If he dares to be arrogant, blunt or inconsiderate, she’ll lose interest just as quick. What she adores most is a subtle, almost invisible but firm confidence in him - something that ultimately makes her fall head over heels.

If your Mars was in Libra, for your love horoscope we can only assume you as a woman tend to fall for the guys with a hidden charm to them - good mannered, courteous, always in sync with the nuances of the conversation and ever aiming to keep things friendly and open. These men tend to be socially popular, adept and well-rounded. Brutishness would repel you immediately, and you wouldn’t be too fond of someone overly independent. The romantics would be the perfect match for a woman who’s Mars in Libra. An opulent backdrop mixed in with the above traits is the ideal to make her melt. Faux-pas and emotional resistance are her biggest dealbreakers.

Mars in Scorpio tells us the man described in her love horoscope will be a mysterious character, someone nuanced, complicated, dark and passionate. The type of man she’s looking for is the kind she’d read about in a murder mystery novel, and she enjoys the thrill of the inquiry into his psyche all the more. It’s as if her gentility creeped in all of a sudden inside her soul, his oozing sexuality and a penchant for sensitivity completely enrapturing her. The secrets and ambiguity don’t repel her - just the opposite, they only draw her in closer. She finds the one-dimensional, superficial males that may approach. Her dream man’s ability to read right through her with intense focus is like a magnet for her. Precisely in this Dark Web of a relationship does she feel most at home. It’s unavoidable then she comes across her fair share of pain and guilt, and these types of relationships often bring with them a sense of jealousy brought on by feelings of ownership, which she thrives on all the more.

Mars in Sagittarius means the woman in her love horoscope  ismost likely is attracted to men who appear playful, energetic and lively. They’re athletic, intelligent and exude an energy about them that’s matched only by their sense of humour and eclectic tastes. This is the type of woman that doesn’t mix well with someone too pretentious or prissy - she wants to go on adventures with her partner, someone she can share exciting moments with. She might also prefer an uneccentric, ordinary radiance, rather than someone with style or who’s high-posted in society. It is best, however, if the man is still well-read and smart. The kind of unabashed, unforced charm that comes with her man is the exactly what she finds sexiest.

Her Mars in Capricorn for her love horoscope  says she likes a man whose reputation precedes him, well-established and successful. If he isn’t necessarily high-posted in his title, then he at least gives off the sense he’s an expert in his field. All of this draws her in because what she’s looking for is someone to lean on, keep her safe and secure. We certainly can’t blame her for wanting a father figure in her partner. Any man who’s unserious and irresponsible not only turns her off, but deeply frightens her. Ultimately, she’s looking for someone to make plans with - for life. He may be solemn and harsh, or uptight and unflinching, but as long as that gives her the safety and security she craves, she’ll always feel alive and in love.

Mars in Aquarius, better known as the woman who falls madly in love with the crazy scientist, the nerdy school kid or the weirdo you can’t quite seem to shake away. Unpredictable, fascinating, brilliantly intelligent - this is the type of guy she’d fall for. It’s his rebellious spirit and his underdog, lone-wolf status that really draw her towards him. Usually they’ll have meet in bizarre circumstance, but when they do, it’ll be love-at-first-sight for her. It might not even be the first time she’s gone out with the outsider. Which is why best not to bet on the handsome but dull guy. Her love horoscope points that even if he is good-looking, he has to be of sharp mind (which isn’t to say he’s a philosopher, just that he has the ability to see a situation clearly from all angles, and break through it, without any of the messy complications the rest of us get hooked on). He’ll ultimately have to provide her with the same level of freedom he’s demanding for himself. This distance and space is a trait that both parties cherish in the relationship.

Mars in Pisces reveals a man in her  love horoscope, who is sensitive, profound and complicated - at times even the victim of his own multi-dimensional thinking. Sometimes insecure, sometimes difficult to handle, there’s an element of victimhood that plays in here. An odd character, perhaps best represented as an artist (indeed, the starving artist), who unequivocally draws in this type of woman. In him, she finds spiritual contentment, not to mention a sense of relief in his care and compassion, complexity and profound depth. A brutish hunk quickly repels her.



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