Are we karmically destined to meet? Are we made for each other?

Do we complete each other?

Look at the aspects of the Sun of either of you with the a planet of your partner.

If there are aspects present, then it means you’re together, because your paths were meant to cross, and your missions in life have a certain interrelationship - be it harmonious or strained. What’s interesting here is that if there’s a trine as an aspect, that means you’re experiencing some kind of mystical harmony - and if there are sextiles, then countless opportunities will present themselves for you to live out your relationship in a wonderful and successful way. But if there is a hard aspect - conjunction, opposition, square - you simply just can’t block this person out. You are connected, and will constantly be crossing paths, whether you want it to or not. Such is the verdict of the stars: you have a common goal to work towards, a shared path you must go on together. Best to arm yourself with the essentials, and jump head first - as the old song, “What will be, will be!”

If you’re looking for an answer to the question how will you live together, have a look at whether there are aspects between your Moons. If there aren’t, look at the Moon with the other planets of your partner. They can tell you whether you’ll be able to get along on a daily basis, and whether your vibes are on the same frequency. Here we can read the aspects quite literally - harmonious ones mean just that, i.e. sextiles and trines are a good healthy median. Any of the hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition) don’t spell anything good.

(You can check the aspects of your planets and their interpretations at

If they’re absent, it means you don’t have any. Stay tuned for the release of aspect interpretations for ascendants.)

Have we already been together?

Have a look at the aspects related to Saturn and Pluto (stay tuned for release of the aspect interpretations for the North and South Node, soon on

Every aspect of a planet with Saturn clearly shows in which area we’ve been restricted in a past life, or, any that we’ve restricted for ourselves and have thus been at a loss. Now it’s time for us to go back there, lest life does it for us. If not, fate will just keep having us reborn to try to again until we learn our lesson. The harsh sensei that is Saturn is pointing to the fact that we have to pay our due karmically with this person, through all kinds of support: emotional, physical, unconditional, often times one-sided. And yes, we won’t ever see a break-up, though if we do, it’ll be after long attempts of compromise, negotiation, etc. Long-term relationships always have a Saturn present, and no aspect linked is ever low-maintenance. But if we do work it off, the reward will be stability and comfort like no one else and nothing else can offer!

Make sure to check out your aspects in the app, along with their interpretations, and have a think about the areas described - these are your readings with Saturn, along with those of others in your life.

Pluto - rewrite it or bust

Just like with Saturn, aspects relating to Pluto (if present at all) show that we’ve been together with someone in a past life. Friends, lovers, family, boss and subordinate - whatever, the category, we can see the dynamic was all about one dominating the other (whatever the aspect involving Pluto). It’s good to be aware of the fact that now we’ll have to tackle this power struggle and shift to a different gamut. That means rewriting history, overcoming struggle, and rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. These processes’ are so ambiguous and undefined that only intuition can guide you through. There will always be jealousy, total domination, and the destruction of other relationships - all very terrifying realms for the soul, but evidently, utterly necessary and written in the stars as the only way forward to happiness.

Do we complete each other?

Are there aspects that help us along the way, ones that guide us? Of course: trigons! Look at how many you have and rejoice. The energy in those flows freely, and with them comes happiness and contentment.

(You can check if you have any trines at

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