2018: The retrograde Venus, Mars and Relationships

2018 brings with it not just three periods of retrograde Mercury, but one of Venus and Mars respectively. As we all know, Venus rules all those qualities we think of as key: erotic love, what men find attractive in women, and the feminine nature of women. These spheres in our lives will be up for reevaluation, with a return to dynamics, people and events of our past - only to part ways with them for good. Mars, on the other hand, is responsible for how we stand up to the world, how we fight, our energy, creative spirit and sex. It’s here we’ll feel a kind of backtracking - a delay, a reversion, will be easily irritated, if not showing a childish stubbornness towards that which is objectively unavoidable. Mars symbolizes the male spirit: its presence in a female horoscope reflects what kind of a woman a man likes, while in the male horoscope, it shows how a man conducts himself in the presence of a woman.

Mapping the retrograde pathway of the planets in 2018:

Mercury: 23 March - 14 April - in Aries; 26 July - 18 August - in Leo; 17 November - 6 December - in Saggitarius and Scorpio;

Venus - 6 October - 16 November - in Scorpio and Libra;

Mars - 27 June - 27 August - in Capricorn and Aquarius;

During retrograde Venus, we can expect a lot of tension between couples, if not affairs and breakups, as well as as conflicts of a material nature, like finances. It’s advisable to shy away from getting engaged during this period, starting a new relationship, or engaging in a work-related partnership (the emergence of a business relating to jewelry, fine objects, interior design, cosmetics, and plastic surgery are all best left for after this period). But this is also the period exactly in which you might find old relationships and bonds rekindling, and will end with the closing of this stage.

During retrograde Mars, we can find ourselves being easily irritated, overly sexual and lusting; marriages will often be put to a test. (Large machinery and transportation tools will often break down, stop or become defective).

That’s why it’s best that during retrograde Mercury, much like with the other two, we take this time to reevaluate, and to look over the types of relationships these planets are responsible for. It’ll be necessary no matter what.

Aside for this, there will also be three periods of retrograde Mercury, one of which overlaps with a period of retrograde Mars. This will only add to the web of lies, deceit and unclarity and agitation we see in Mars. The period will be responsible for many a break-ups, conflicts, heightened tension and divorces. Emotions soar high, words will be spoken, and neither party will be able to restrain itself for the better. Tolerance and empathy will be a deficiency.

2018 brings with it also other planets in retrograde. Of the biggest importance is Saturn, which will put many of our relationships to the test, forcing us to make some changes. Each of us will have a different sector of our life influenced, but the key highlight here is that by having it change us, it changes the relationships around us. The end of it will bring us the fruits of realism, and the benefits of all the changes we’d have uptaken.

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Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius – bursts of frankness without tact, grandiose promises, and fierce arguments

Both Mercury and Jupiter, the rulers of Sagittarius, are not known for their tactfulness. Just the opposite – they always speak what’s on their mind. Yes, for the Sagittarius ruler – Jupiter – this could be out of wise and philosophical principles, while for Mercury this comes in the form of epiphanies, intelligent remarks and banter, but this is always be part-and-parcel with lack of consideration for how other will feel or with a disregard for whether someone’s dignity might be harmed. The truth is, these zodiacal signs aren’t striving to cause harm, they just possess a standard for frankess that’s much less sensitive than for the rest of us. Often they can stomach those same kinds of comments without any sense of insult. In the grand scheme of their optimism, generosity and open-mindedness, Sagittarius would never feel bogged down by such little stuff.

Venus Retrograde 2018 – low speed harmony

Venus is retrograde approximately every 18 months. The retrograde periods are about 42-43 days. It only appears to be moving backwards due to the difference in the planet’s speed versus the earth. 

Venus rules love, beauty, our values and what brings us aesthetic delight, along with fine art, fashion, social grace, acceptable behavior, good manners and social rules. Venus also rules what we value and like about ourselves, and what other like most about us. This also goes for seduction, flirtation, pleasure, indulgence and different types of leisure: music, aesthetics, money, and everything else we find delightful!

These are the spheres of life we will have to re-evaluate, as we’ll have to accept new measures for.

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