Karma in the horoscope

The idea of karma goes that we come into this life having chosen it, with the ultimate purpose of realizing the full potential accumulated up to this point (i.e. this massive potential within our - our matrix and more - has to be expressed). Most data points to the fact that in 70 years, we accumulate as much as 50 trillion bytes of information. And that’s just a small part of our potential, not even touching on it’s feelings, vibrations, impressions, imprints. This is the substance of karma: what will we do with it in our next life?

Astrologists typically look at karma in horoscopes through the meaning of the planets, their signs, aspects and astrological houses. Let’s take a look at an example of what an aspect can tell us about our karma. Each one of us has several aspects in their astrological chart - these can be looked at on any free website, with descriptions and readings provided. The same can be said for our horoscopes and our astro houses.

The trine is the most favourable of them all, and all planets (i.e. our characteristics) that reside in a trine in a certain housess (i.e. areas of our lives) allow us to feel at ease in that area and display all the qualities associated, all without even thinking about it or trying. These planets (i.e. the behavioural archetypes  they symbolize) can, in certain cases, manifest themselves in the areas of the horoscope (i.e. our life), if we’re bold enough to try. When we find someone or something blocking us from manifetsing it - from realizing our karmic lesson - this is because the energy that’s inside of us is what the person or relation we confront symbolizes.

The square is the most potent aspect - in it, we’re often conflicted, constantly at a fork in the road, wanting to go both ways. But we ultimately must decide which way to turn. In a past life, we’ve tested one, then another, and now it’s time to decide which one is truly “ours”. We’ve already tried and lived it out in another life, so the choice between two is now our test.

Another big signifier of Karma in astrology are the trans-Saturnian planets. Firstly: Saturn. Wherever in the horoscope it finds itself, it seems that’s also where we feel unfulfilled, weak even in a karmic sense, because that’s where the learning is. Where Neptune is, that’s an area where we’ve received a lot in a past life, and now it’s our turn to give back - unconditionally and unequivocally. Where Uranus is, that’s where we’ve acted cold, distant, not humane enough, and now we have to learn the lessons of empathy and understanding for others. Last but not least - Pluto. Where Pluto meets us, that’s also where we’ve most likely lost someone dear to us in a past life, and now we meet again in a different capacity, but just as afraid to loose them again. It’s the bedrock of our deepest fears and demons. And if any of those planets are retrograde, that signifies we want to change in that area, but find ourselves repeating old models from a past karmic life.

The transit between Saturn and Pluto, our karma spreads itself out to the different astrological houses,guided by our past self or past life, allowing us to flourish in the respective sphere.

Karmically speaking, wherever the Sun is, that’s where we also face a challenge to unravel the full potential of our energy in this life. And simultaneously, wherever the Sun is, that’s where we also like to rest, precisely because it’s a sacred place.

Wherever the North Node is, that’s where we should build up, progress, construct - the challenge we’ve selected for ourselves in this life. The South Node in contrast shows where it’s easiest for us, what we’ve mastered how to do in a past life. The astro metaphor for the nodes is the Journey: the North Node is what we carry with us, while the South is where we’re headed. The South node is akin to the hero’s journey, with the protagonist out to accomplish his mission and achieve his goals.

And the type of hero you’ve chosen to be is represented by your Ascendant. This is your story, in a way, and it’s the one you’ll tell of to others. Who you’ve been - that’s in the image of the zodiac, where your Moon is.

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