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Astrobooth site uses cookies, Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, Google geocode and timezone API for calculating the astrological forecasts and for enriched user experience.  Most of the sites also use these methods.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a site. They help the site to function properly and to recognize your device and to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client, his preferences and past activities (for example chosen language, size of the font, login etc.) that are saved for a certain period in order not to input them every time when visiting the site or changing the page.  
In order to read the site and the Blog there is no registration needed, nor any additional personal information. When loading the page for reading the content or reviewing it, we use “cookies”, that help its proper functioning and for this they collect modest amount personal data.
Some types of cookies are needed for the site to function while others help Astrolab Ltd. To check site visits and offer personalized content to users and improve its service quality.  


Category of use




Providing navigation process in the site

The cookie is used to improve site performance and for providing the expected service to the user/visitor, as navigating through pages or accessing the secured sections of the site. Without this cookie they cannot function normally.


Services configuration

This cookie is used to determine and save the currency on the site.


Services configuration

This cookie is used to configure your shopping cart.


Services configuration

This cookie is used to determine if you agreed with the cookie policy of the site.

How do we use cookies?

When you visit our site, you will be informed about the use of cookies.
Cookies are stored where the various computer bowsers keep them. We use two types of cookies: a cookie to keep the language setting, made by the user and a cookie for navigation of the visitor on the site.
In this respect the cookies used by the sites are only the ones needed for user’s interaction with the site, and they do not provide any information to third parties for the interactions and interests of the user.
How to control cookies?

In order to control the cookies used by our web site you should make setting on your browser. It depends on what browser you are using and its settings: for Google Chrome click here, for Mozzila click here, for Internet Explorer click here.
Learn more about cookies here:, as well as:,
To cancel Google Analytics cookie open this link
With the recommended action above you could control or delete cookies whenever you decide. You could delete all cookies stored on your computer and you could also make settings for most browsers to block them in the future.
However, if you do this it might be necessary to manually make some settings every time visiting a site and it is also possible that some functionalities of the site will not work, even the site might not load at all.
Description and control of the cookies on
We are using special application in order to facilitate and help you manage the cookies. You could easily accept or deny the cookies used by our site by simply reading how here and choosing which cookies to use:
Attention: The cancellation of cookies will delete all cookies from and will remove some buttons and functionalities from the site.
The site is using Social Plugins – software components adding options to your browser and easy access to popular social networks.
Please, be informed that we do not have control of the data content transferred by the social network to the platforms as well as for what purpose they might be used by them.  Learn more from the text below:
We use the following Plugins:
The site is using Social Plugins of, supported by  Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. („Facebook“). This plugin is visualized with Facebook icon (or is highlighted as „Facebook Social Plugin“). The list and types of Facebook Social Plugins can be reviewed here.
When you visit a page of the site that has Facebook plugin, your browser connects directly with Facebook servers and the content of the plugin will be transferred directly from Facebook to your Internet browser that will connect it to the internet page. Connecting with these Facebook plugins allows Facebook to receive information that this internet page was visited even if you do not have registration or Facebook account.
The information (including your IP address) is transferred and stored by your Internet browser directly to Facebook server in USA. If you have an account in Facebook, the site visit might be directly reflected into your Facebook profile. If you use these Plugins, for example if you press the button “Like” or write a comment, this information will be transferred from your browser to Facebook and will be saved there. The information will be also published in your Facebook profile and will be visible to your friends in Facebook.
We do not have information about the data transferred to Facebook or the way it is being used by Facebook. Please, get informed about the setting options and protection of your personal data and the purpose and scope of its usage at: If you do not want Facebook to reflect your visit on our website in your Facebook profile you should exit your Facebook profile prior to visiting the site. You could prevent fully the loading of Facebook plugins by installing on your browser for instance „Facebook Blocker” (


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