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Is he in love with me? Do we have a chance together? How will our relationship develop?

Astrology has counselling methods to tell a person what are the key factors and aspects of feelings, activities and roles between two people.


There are indicators for love, mutual advance, harmony, support, and the opposite – clouded communication, tension, control and competition. The more we are aware of these intrinsic qualities the more calm and confident we can be on how we want our relationship to develop.


Astrobooth gives you a short and comprehensive forecast based on the key most positive and most challenging aspects you have as a couple, reflected in the type of relationship. In astrology, as in life, there are specific indicators of what exactly is the real potential of your connection, based on the planet’s place and aspects between them. Every aspect, if present, is described in a short article aimed at providing the reader an understanding of the forces that are shaping your relation to each other.


The process is simple – you only have to fill in the date, place of birth, sex and give a name for you and your significant other.

The forecast gives you the full list of the most important aspects that are at work in your relationship synastry.

And this you can do for all the different types of relationships you have – personal, intimate, spiritual, professional, family, friendship, etc.

Curious to learn what the planets have in store for you and your partner? Don’t wait – try out the free section of your forecast with the aspects you have and you will get the flavour of what awaits for you!


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